Mamaroneck High School was treated to another thrilling Homecoming and Pep Rally. The Mamaroneck High School traditions took place on September 14-15. The whole school came out to Pep Rally, excited to see their fall teams. The MCs for the event were Noah Wolfson and Lily Epstein, both of which really brought a lot of energy to Pep Rally. The student council worked hard to run the event, and the food trucks that came were an excellent addition to Pep Rally.

The next evening was Homecoming, in which Mamaroneck High School’s football team played against Mount Vernon. The game was packed with Mamaroneck students and alumni, and the atmosphere was buzzing. Senior Tim Sommers scored the first touchdown for Mamaroneck, which put us up 7-0 at halftime. At halftime, the cheerleaders and the Force put on impressive shows, per usual. The game ended 10-2 Mamaroneck, giving Mamaroneck a great morale boost to start the season. Homecoming and Pep Rally are institutions at MHS, and are loved by teachers, students, and alumni alike.

By Sebastian De Lasa


A Reintroduction for Larchmont Playhouse

After a long battle to try and keep the Larchmont Playhouse running as a movie theater, NYC developer Charles Cohen bought the building and will keep running movies. The historic theater was closed last September after 86 years when its former operator, Bow Tie Cinemas, did not renew its lease. Once owned by Regal Cinemas, the theater was put up for sale with an asking price of $1.5 million. There have been offers for it since then, but all have fallen through. One potential buyer was Michael DiCosimo, a Bronxville resident who planned to introduce a coffee shop and wine bar in the theater, as well as build a studio for his design company. DiCosimo backed out of the deal in January, which put the property back on the market with no plans for its future. Continue reading “A Reintroduction for Larchmont Playhouse”

A Change in Schedule for Midterms

Students flipping through the MHS calendar online in anticipation of the coming year may have noticed that there is an important scheduling change in this upcoming school year. Unlike the past, this school year there will be no week in January reserved for taking midterms. Instead, there is a plan that involves spreading out the testing days for each subject over a series of X and Y days in that month. This change has come as a surprise to many students, but is prospected to be an improvement in many ways from the system used in past years. Continue reading “A Change in Schedule for Midterms”

Mario Cuomo Bridge Replaces Tappan Zee Bridge

NEW YORK–On August 26, the Mario Cuomo Bridge opened as I-287’s Rockland-Westchester link, replacing the Tappan Zee Bridge, a 62-year-old eyesore that often fostered congestion problems on the road.

The new bridge, named after governor Andrew Cuomo’s late father and former governor, spans 3.1 miles and is 419 feet tall, higher than the torch of the Statue of Liberty. Continue reading “Mario Cuomo Bridge Replaces Tappan Zee Bridge”

The Globe Bids Farewell to Outgoing Editors-in-Chief Renner and Mollin


        The Globe staff of 2016-2017 excelled under the leadership of Emily Renner and Jack Mollin, two of the three Editors-in-Chief for this school year. Their dedication to the paper was shown through their conscientious attitudes and time commitment, both of which made a strong impression on the entire Globe staff. Continue reading “The Globe Bids Farewell to Outgoing Editors-in-Chief Renner and Mollin”

Ms. Cannavo is New Assistant Principal

Next fall, Mamaroneck High School will be welcoming Lina Cannavò as the school’s newest Assistant Principal. She is set to begin the position on July 1, 2017. The decision was announced at the May 3rd Board of Education meeting by Assistant Superintendent Carol Priore, who noted that “the hiring committee was struck by [Ms. Cannavò’s] positive energy and warmth.” Continue reading “Ms. Cannavo is New Assistant Principal”

Gym Renovations Start: Widescale Construction on Locker Rooms and Weight Room

The white barricade walls started popping up in May, with locked, windowless doors reading “KEEP OUT”. Wire fences bearing the same message were erected around parts of the building, and PE classes were relocated entirely. The process of renovation may appear secretive, but in an expedition with the Globe, Project Manager Stephen Brugge shared the inside story behind those construction walls. Continue reading “Gym Renovations Start: Widescale Construction on Locker Rooms and Weight Room”

Model Congress Students Thrive at UPenn

Photo courtesy of Caroline Scudder. Pictured from top to bottom, left to right: Julia Lehman, Kevin Shen, Emily Shen, Sam Mollin, Benji Canter, Nick Lynch, Sam Hodman, Alec Sicklick, Lily Kalish, Lizzy Kaplan, Robert Emmett, Alex Herzig, Andrew Basta, Max Plonsker, Eli Kalish, Jack Spiridellis, and David Lehman.

Thursday afternoon, 17 MHS students accompanied by Mrs. Scudder and Mr. Paez left the school for a Model Congress conference in Philadelphia, hosted by the University of Pennsylvania. The conference, which spanned four days, involved each delegate participating in a total of 20 hours of debate over student-written legislation: Continue reading “Model Congress Students Thrive at UPenn”

West Side Story Wins Praise from Audience

Photos courtesy of Brooke Smith: Members of the West Side Story cast take a bow after a performance.

People said it was like they were taken out of the seats of the McClain auditorium… and they were right.

From March 2nd through March 4th, a group of talented students, teachers and musicians performed the annual MHS musical. This time, it was the profound West Side Story. Unlike last year’s lively, charming Anything Goes, West Side Story brought in a whole new type of MHS musical –a sense of dark, captivating emotion. This aspect of the show pulled people out of their seats to make them feel as if they were not, in fact, watching a high school performance. Continue reading “West Side Story Wins Praise from Audience”

Board of Ed Proposes New Budget

On March 9th, superintendent Dr. Shaps presented his recommended budget for the 2017-2018 school year at the Mamaroneck Board of Education meeting. The recommended budget, which totals $135,277,639, represents an increase of 1.59% from the previous year.

Among many components of the recommended budget, one benefiting the high school is expanded elective pathways. The design, engineering, computer science and culinary arts programs will receive a boost, further improving their respective course sequences. In computer science and OSR, new teachers will be hired to meet growing demand. Continue reading “Board of Ed Proposes New Budget”

La La Land Producer Visits MHS

Picture by Owen Zucker: La La Land producer Fred Berger answers a question from Emily Renner ’17.

Fred Berger is the producer of award-winning film La La Land and an alumnus of Mamaroneck High School. Recently, he returned to Mamaroneck to talk about his experiences at the school and his eventual success in the film industry. Continue reading “La La Land Producer Visits MHS”

President Trump Orders Resurrection of the Dakota Access Pipeline

Photo courtesy of Protesters of the pipeline suffered a disheartening blow when Trump recently ordered the construction to continue.

Over the past year, an intense political battle has been waged between Dakota Access, LLC and the Sioux Native American tribe in the Dakotas over the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), a 1,172 mile oil pipeline that would be used to transport almost two million gallons of oil across the country each day. Continue reading “President Trump Orders Resurrection of the Dakota Access Pipeline”

Travel Ban Causes Unrest Among Americans

On January 27th, Donald Trump signed an executive order which has been coined the travel ban. The order terminated all immigration from seven “high risk” countries: Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Yemen and Somalia. These are the only countries affected by the travel ban, meaning that people from these countries are prevented from entering the U.S. This has been a central part of President Trump’s plan for America since he began his Presidential campaign back in 2015. The travel ban has caused mixed feelings around the country. Continue reading “Travel Ban Causes Unrest Among Americans”

The World Reacts to Trump’s Foreign Policy

Photo courtesy of the Daily Dot: Donald Trump smiles for the cameras after delivering a speech.

For the past two months as Donald Trump’s presidency has dominated the American news and the American conscience, the rest of the world has also been unable to drop the news of Trump’s presidency. There have been countries both celebrating and mourning the results of the election since November, and the opinions have only spread and strengthened as the Trump administration has taken its first steps on the world stage. So far, phone call exchanges with Russia, Australia, Mexico and China have stirred both praise and anxiety at home. However, some of the most important reactions to Trump have been overseas, as the rest of the world has become divided by the implications of his administration. Continue reading “The World Reacts to Trump’s Foreign Policy”

Devos Appointment Causes Controversy

Americans express concern about the new Secretary of Education

Photo courtesy of NBC News: Critics of Betsy Devos’ policies are concerned about her confirmation as Secretary of Education. 

By now, most people in our country know of Betsy Devos. She was confirmed as our new Secretary of Education in a historic vote, where the Vice President was needed to break a tie for the first time in United States history. Many people do not support her, as she has never had any experience public schooling and in her senate hearings showed that she does not really know what she is doing. But others feel that she can help all of our public schools through her beliefs in vouchers for school choice and charter schools. Continue reading “Devos Appointment Causes Controversy”

Trump Fills Cabinet With Wealthy Business Executives

Photo courtesy of Rex Tillerson being questioned at a hearing

President Donald J. Trump has chosen nearly all his Cabinet nominees for Senate confirmation.

His Cabinet is shaping up to be a mixture of insiders and outsiders, right-wing conservatives and mainstream Republicans, with no uniform political ideology. A number of them may be intended to disrupt–or even to undermine–the departments they are slated to manage. Continue reading “Trump Fills Cabinet With Wealthy Business Executives”

Cheerleading Meets Olympic Standards to Become a Sport

Photo courtesy of Vice Sports: The IOC has officially recognized cheerleading as a sport.

For millions of previously unrecognized athletes, there was reason to cheer this past December. On December 6th, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) officially recognized cheerleading as a sport. With this recognition, many previously existing contentions and debates about the degree of athletics required by cheerleading have been settled. Continue reading “Cheerleading Meets Olympic Standards to Become a Sport”

Attack on Berlin: the Devastation and the Aftermath

For most, the holidays are a time of happiness and celebration among family and friends. Yet during this festive time the monstrosity of a terrorist attack became a reality in Berlin. More than the holiday spirit was at stake when a truck was driven through a Christmas market near Berlin’s Memorial Church on December 19th, 2016. Christmas markets are a traditional part of the holidays in Germany, and are normally a very cheerful experience. The location of the attack was not a coincidence, as this was intended as a direct attack on Christianity. Continue reading “Attack on Berlin: the Devastation and the Aftermath”