Principal Clain Participates in Press Conference with Students

Photos courtesy of Emily Dombroff: Principal Clain takes questions. 

Students at Mamaroneck feel disconnected from the school’s administration and would welcome greater connection and communication. Mr. Madin’s first semester Journalism students had an opportunity to bridge that gap by conducting a “press conference” with Principal Clain. Continue reading “Principal Clain Participates in Press Conference with Students”


Lincoln Trials “Push” AP U.S. History Students

Last month, students in Mr. Goldberg’s and Mrs. Scudder’s AP US History classes took part in an annual tradition: The Lincoln trials. The trials are an extensive project in which students prepare for and carry out a mock impeachment trial of Abraham Lincoln. Continue reading “Lincoln Trials “Push” AP U.S. History Students”

Students Attend Annual MLK Assembly

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has left a lasting impact on our society, and every year Mamaroneck High School celebrates him with an assembly. This year the theme was “Stand Up, Speak Up, Stop the Hate.” The audience watched many MHS groups perform different art forms, all in some way relating back to the theme. Many mediums of art were represented, from rock groups to tap dancing. In addition the Multicultural Club did several performances throughout the assembly, while also running and organizing the entire show. Continue reading “Students Attend Annual MLK Assembly”

Two Students Win Prestigious OSR Award

Rebecca Marcus ’18 and Marina Tosi ‘18 have joined the short list of Mamaroneck High School students who have been honored as Regeneron Science Talent Search Scholars (formerly known as semifinalists). The Regeneron Science Talent Search is the nation’s oldest science and math research competition for high school students. It is incredibly prestigious. With over 1800 annual applicants, there is an extensive application process, including recommendations from OSR teacher, Mr. Garbarino, letters from mentors, standardized test scores, essays about their research, plans after college and more. Marcus and Tosi are two of the three hundred students across the country who have been named as Scholars, and they receive a 2,000 dollar award, along with an additional 2,000 dollars going to their high schools. Continue reading “Two Students Win Prestigious OSR Award”

NYT Columnist Charles Blow Speaks at Hommocks

At a packed auditorium at Hommocks Middle School, in celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, The Larchmont Mamaroneck Humane Society hosted New York Times columnist, Charles Blow. In an impassioned address, Blow spoke about the life and words of Martin Luther King Jr. and reflected on ongoing racism in America.

Blow’s view is that while many think MLK’s greatest speech was his “I Have a Dream” speech – which was full of optimism, religion, and patriotism –his later speeches, in which he offered a less hopeful version of America were more consequential. Mr. Blow discussed MLK’s later speech at Stanford, where he talked about the “other” America, and the rigidity of American racism and economic inequality being tied to racism. Blow acknowledged that addressing and overcoming the systemic racism spoken about by MLK is not an easy task. Continue reading “NYT Columnist Charles Blow Speaks at Hommocks”


On Thursday, November 30th, 15 MHS Model Congress students left for Yale University to compete at the 24th annual Yale Model Congress Conference. Over the next few days, students debated topics from cyber security to nuclear weapon protocols. There were over 700 students in attendance, from 34 schools across the nation. One of the club’s presidents, Jordan Steinberg ‘18, said, “It’s a great place for discussion with people coming from all over the country and all types of schools.” The conference was a great way for students to debate important political issues and express their opinions.   Continue reading “MAMARONECK HIGH SCHOOL MODEL CONGRESS DOMINATES AT YALE CONFERENCE”

ACT Assembly Impacts Students

The week before Thanksgiving, the Freshman, Sophomores and Juniors at Mamaroneck High School attended an assembly where they met motivational speaker Kevin Wanzer. Unlike previous assemblies, Mr. Wanzer took a comedic approach to discussing important issues in a school environment, such as reaching out to help peers in need. Kevin Wanzer has 34 years of experience in inspirational speaking and has connected with audiences all over the world with over 4,000 speeches. Through several engaging anecdotes, Kevin spread his message of “finding the funny” in every situation. This can be difficult lesson for high school students to understand, and it left a significant impact on all in attendance. Continue reading “ACT Assembly Impacts Students”

HMX Bullying Report: Is It Accurate?

While most people associate “fake news” with its ongoing presence in national politics and the mainstream media, incorrect reporting can exist on all levels of media. This is evident in a News 12 reporting of a recent audit done by the New York State Comptroller of 20 New York State schools.

Their story, a segment just under two minutes in length, claimed that five schools in the audit were found to be “not reporting bullying properly to the state.” The schools listed included Ramapo High School, Newburgh Free Academy, Saunders Trades and Technical High School, Lincoln High School, and Mamaroneck’s very own Hommocks Middle School. Continue reading “HMX Bullying Report: Is It Accurate?”

Major Gym Renovations Completed

Renovations of MHS’ athletic facilities were completed in September after five months of construction and five years of planning. Bari Suman, the athletics director, led community tours of the new spaces on October 17, followed by a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

According to Project Manager Stephen Brugge, the work is “substantially complete,” aside from a few “B list” items that are possible because the project finished under budget.

The facilities are already being used by sports teams and PE classes, and may soon be open to students during the school day. “The dream is that kids can come down after school and work out,” Mr. Toombs said, adding that clubs would also be able to meet there at lunch.

Designing the spaces began years ago. “We all brought different things to the conversation,” Mr. Toombs said, “and the administration was flexible.”

“In the end it would have been better if we built a stand-alone building, but that was not an option because really there was not enough land,” Toombs related. The only expansion was to seal up a cubby on the wall outside the Palmer gym, so unfortunately the new spaces came at the expense of the locker rooms, which were shrunk considerably. Continue reading “Major Gym Renovations Completed”

Students Participate in “Movember”

“A man without a mustache is a man without a soul” — Confucius

No Shave November, also known as Movember, is an event held each year to raise awareness and money for men’s health issues, particularly prostate and testicular cancers. The premise is that from November 1st-30th people do not shave or sport a mustache. People set up fundraisers and competitions for Movember, and donate the money to various charities dedicated to men’s health issues. Most importantly, No Shave November brings significant awareness to a serious issue. Continue reading “Students Participate in “Movember””

A Political Storm in Catalonia Rages On

On Friday, October 27, the regional parliament of Catalonia declared independence from Spain in a 70 to 10 vote.

This comes after the “popular vote” referendum that occurred on October 1, in which the Spanish national police clashed with voters in order to shut down polling booths. In reaction to this declaration, the Spanish government dissolved the Catalan Parliament. The government had the ability to do this under Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution, which allows the national government to take direct control over a region if its government has “failed to fulfill the obligations imposed upon it by the Constitution or other laws, or acts in a way seriously prejudicing the general interests of Spain.”   Continue reading “A Political Storm in Catalonia Rages On”


Mamaroneck High School was treated to another thrilling Homecoming and Pep Rally. The Mamaroneck High School traditions took place on September 14-15. The whole school came out to Pep Rally, excited to see their fall teams. The MCs for the event were Noah Wolfson and Lily Epstein, both of which really brought a lot of energy to Pep Rally. The student council worked hard to run the event, and the food trucks that came were an excellent addition to Pep Rally.

The next evening was Homecoming, in which Mamaroneck High School’s football team played against Mount Vernon. The game was packed with Mamaroneck students and alumni, and the atmosphere was buzzing. Senior Tim Sommers scored the first touchdown for Mamaroneck, which put us up 7-0 at halftime. At halftime, the cheerleaders and the Force put on impressive shows, per usual. The game ended 10-2 Mamaroneck, giving Mamaroneck a great morale boost to start the season. Homecoming and Pep Rally are institutions at MHS, and are loved by teachers, students, and alumni alike.

By Sebastian De Lasa

A Reintroduction for Larchmont Playhouse

After a long battle to try and keep the Larchmont Playhouse running as a movie theater, NYC developer Charles Cohen bought the building and will keep running movies. The historic theater was closed last September after 86 years when its former operator, Bow Tie Cinemas, did not renew its lease. Once owned by Regal Cinemas, the theater was put up for sale with an asking price of $1.5 million. There have been offers for it since then, but all have fallen through. One potential buyer was Michael DiCosimo, a Bronxville resident who planned to introduce a coffee shop and wine bar in the theater, as well as build a studio for his design company. DiCosimo backed out of the deal in January, which put the property back on the market with no plans for its future. Continue reading “A Reintroduction for Larchmont Playhouse”

A Change in Schedule for Midterms

Students flipping through the MHS calendar online in anticipation of the coming year may have noticed that there is an important scheduling change in this upcoming school year. Unlike the past, this school year there will be no week in January reserved for taking midterms. Instead, there is a plan that involves spreading out the testing days for each subject over a series of X and Y days in that month. This change has come as a surprise to many students, but is prospected to be an improvement in many ways from the system used in past years. Continue reading “A Change in Schedule for Midterms”

Mario Cuomo Bridge Replaces Tappan Zee Bridge

NEW YORK–On August 26, the Mario Cuomo Bridge opened as I-287’s Rockland-Westchester link, replacing the Tappan Zee Bridge, a 62-year-old eyesore that often fostered congestion problems on the road.

The new bridge, named after governor Andrew Cuomo’s late father and former governor, spans 3.1 miles and is 419 feet tall, higher than the torch of the Statue of Liberty. Continue reading “Mario Cuomo Bridge Replaces Tappan Zee Bridge”

The Globe Bids Farewell to Outgoing Editors-in-Chief Renner and Mollin


        The Globe staff of 2016-2017 excelled under the leadership of Emily Renner and Jack Mollin, two of the three Editors-in-Chief for this school year. Their dedication to the paper was shown through their conscientious attitudes and time commitment, both of which made a strong impression on the entire Globe staff. Continue reading “The Globe Bids Farewell to Outgoing Editors-in-Chief Renner and Mollin”

Ms. Cannavo is New Assistant Principal

Next fall, Mamaroneck High School will be welcoming Lina Cannavò as the school’s newest Assistant Principal. She is set to begin the position on July 1, 2017. The decision was announced at the May 3rd Board of Education meeting by Assistant Superintendent Carol Priore, who noted that “the hiring committee was struck by [Ms. Cannavò’s] positive energy and warmth.” Continue reading “Ms. Cannavo is New Assistant Principal”