Swift’s New Sound Divides Fans

About a month ago, Taylor Swift fans noticed that all of her social media accounts had suddenly been cleared, in anticipation of the release of the first single from her new album, Reputation. It is set to be released later this fall on November 10th. Taylor shocked many with “Look What You Made Me Do” by making a sudden switch from her typical style of music, country pop. Her main music has a more grungy feel with less emphasis on the narratives of her personal life, complete with what fans analyzed as angry feelings about feuds with other celebrities. For anyone wondering how she got there, here is the evolution of Taylor Swift from the release of her first album in 2006: Continue reading “Swift’s New Sound Divides Fans”


The Rise of Ziggy Stardust Remembered

On June 6, 1972, Ziggy Stardust was born. In “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars”, arguably the best of David Bowie’s 25 albums, Ziggy Stardust, the androgynous, glamorous, and just overall weird alien was introduced. He was a big part of what drove so many to David Bowie. After the romantic, flowery idealism of 60’s music, 70’s rock introduced a darker, lavish, debauched period of both music and stars, David Bowie being one of the characters at the helm. Ziggy was someone that both all and none could relate to. He represented the very meaning of being an outcast, of not being able to find your place in society, a big theme in that times youth. He characterized this glittery, untouchable character, an alien, who dressed in clothes that weren’t at all in accordance with the traditional view of masculinity, but also weren’t quite feminine. He was bisexual, inspiring a very bicurious generation. He was not afraid to be himself, or so it appeared. Of course, keeping up a flawless character is never easy. David Bowie was said to live on “milk, peppers and cocaine” and weighed just 95 pounds.

And naturally, it wasn’t just the character that attracted people to Bowie. The music was the first of its kind, that of “glam-rock”. It was more about the feeling of the music than the music itself. Even Bowie himself said that he was never an outstandingly good singer, but lucky for him, audiences saw behind that into the emotions of the songs and the lyrics. David Bowie also has some really beautiful lyrics, such as, “Oh no, love! You’re not alone /You’re watching yourself, but you’re too unfair /You got your head all tangled up, but if I could only make you care” from “Rock ‘n Roll Suicide” and “And lady stardust sang his songs/Of darkness and disgrace” from “Lady Stardust” (and those are only examples from “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars”!). The album was one of those rare albums that really captured the feel of the time. The hope and desire for more in “Star”, and the anger and passion of “Rock ‘n Roll Suicide” really give you a look into the early ’70’s. Many songs spoke eloquently about the social and global issues of that time. In “Suffragette City”, Bowie sang about the rise of feminism, and how there was no going back on it now (in a positive way, of course). “Five Years” is about the ending of our planet (eerily foretelling the worries about global warming of today), saying “News guy wept and told us/Earth, was really dying”, and using this to emphasize that life is short, so you have to be impulsive!

My personal favorite on the album is “Starman,” which talks about Bowie’s belief that there is a God out there, and that we do have a plan in life. A lot of songs during this time were steeped in existential crisis, so this provides a refreshing change. It also has a beautiful, sweeping chorus that is easy to sing along to.

This album and the character of Ziggy Stardust really embodied the early seventies, and the fact that weird can be cool, untraditional can be hip, and that the best thing to be is yourself. Continue reading “The Rise of Ziggy Stardust Remembered”

Twin peaks Returns In Triumph

Twin Peaks was one of the most iconic shows of the late 20th century. Running for two seasons in the early 90s, it redefined the boundaries of artistic surrealism in television. David Lynch and Mark Frost, the creators and writers of Twin Peaks, created a beautiful world of mystery and drama, unlike any television show before it. The show was beloved by many, but its original run was sadly cut short. Much of the show’s devoted fanbase craved a resolution to the original run’s open ending, and rumors of the show’s return were constant. The show’s return was finally announced in 2014, and after a long period of casting, filming, and marketing, Twin Peaks: The Return aired on May 21, 2017. Continue reading “Twin peaks Returns In Triumph”

PWR BTTM Bottoms Out

On May 12, 2017, the increasingly popular band PWR BTTM was slated to release their sophomore album, Pagaent. Glowing reviews were already pouring in, from reputable sources such as the New York Times and other publications. Founded by Liv Bruce and Ben Hopkins, the band seemed certain to break out. All of this changed, however, when allegations of sexual assault surfaced online. Continue reading “PWR BTTM Bottoms Out”

Second Time Around: The Revival Of Classic Disney Movies

Photo courtesy of Enwikipedia

No matter where you are from, chances are the magical fantasy worlds of Disney movies are some of your earliest childhood memories. From princesses to lovable talking animals, these “classics” are a staple in America’s storytelling culture. They are the epitome of childhood, our first inauguration into the realm of fantasy. Continue reading “Second Time Around: The Revival Of Classic Disney Movies”

DAMN, The Powerful Fourth Album By Kendrick Lamar

Photo courtesy of Rolling Stone

The release of a Kendrick Lamar album is truly a monumental moment in the music world. Over multiple albums, Kendrick Lamar has defined himself as the greatest rapper of his generation, and potentially his generation’s greatest artist. He broke onto the mainstream with 2012’s Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City, a concept album about his childhood, with an overarching theme of his home town, Compton. Continue reading “DAMN, The Powerful Fourth Album By Kendrick Lamar”

Coachella Lights Up The Festival Scene

Photo courtesy of Billboard

Coachella is the premiere music festival in America, boasting an eclectic lineup across a multitude of genres with unique artists that don’t normally tour in festival settings, impeccable organization from the staff, and not to mention the in-your-face culture of being at the festival of the year. This year, headliners included Radiohead, Lady Gaga, and Kendrick Lamar, as well as Lorde, Travis Scott, and Mac Miller. Continue reading “Coachella Lights Up The Festival Scene”

New Shows to Stream this Year

A rundown on the shows that you want to be watching

After a stressful and busy week at school, everyone knows that there’s no better way to unwind and have fun than spending Friday night at home, binge-watching TV alone. Services like Netflix, Amazon and HBO Go have already hit the ground running in 2017, releasing series’ met with critical acclaim. Here are some of the best options for people looking for a new show to watch after finishing Grey’s Anatomy for the fourth time. Continue reading “New Shows to Stream this Year”

Spring Reading Recommendations

What to flip through in the upcoming season

Reading isn’t for everyone. Some people love it, some despise it, and many find themselves somewhere in the middle. Yet, one thing rings true across all three spectrums; it’s never a bad thing to find yourself lost in a good book. That is, if you can find one. Every person is different and has different tastes in literature, so it’s easier to find a good book for some people more than others. However, as impossible as it may seem, it can be done. One of the easiest ways to do so is to base your reading choices off of great books that you’ve already read and enjoyed. Continue reading “Spring Reading Recommendations”

Talking Heads 77 Turns 40

Photo courtesy of NME: The Talking Heads, photo taken backstage at a concert in 1980.

Post-punk is an endlessly fascinating genre of music. Although deemed the style of music that followed the boom of punk rock music in the mid-70’s, post-punk bands existed even before the punk rock explosion. The output of these post-punk pioneers simply could not be placed into a genre, and therefore were only categorized when there was a phrase to claim the style of the bands. One of the most important groups of the post-punk era was The Talking Heads. Continue reading “Talking Heads 77 Turns 40”

XXXTentacion: Up and Coming Star or Dangerous Criminal?

Photo courtesy of XXL Magazine

Florida rapper, born Jahseh D. Onfroy, but more commonly known by the name “XXXTentacion” (pronounced “X-X-X-tentación”), has recently transitioned from Soundcloud obscurity to mainstream, with his up and coming hit “Look at Me!”. “Look at Me!” was released on Soundcloud back in late 2015, but has surged in popularity within the past months when famed rapper, Drake, premiered a new song that many claimed sounded like a rip off of XXXTentacion’s song. Continue reading “XXXTentacion: Up and Coming Star or Dangerous Criminal?”

Hottest Looks From This Year’s New York Fashion Week

From February 9th to the 16th, models clad in this season’s hottest trends studded the runways at New York Fashion Week. Though it only lasts 8 days, NYFW is instrumental in the world of fashion. New beauty trends pop up, and of course, A-listers sit front row to watch it all unfold. Here is a recap of most popular looks at NYFW. Continue reading “Hottest Looks From This Year’s New York Fashion Week”

MHS Alum Wins Golden Globes for His Role in “La La Land”

Photo courtesy of IMBD: Producer Peter Berger ’99 accepts a Golden Globe for his film “La La Land.” 

When “La La Land” debuted this fall, moviegoers knew that they were seeing something special. The New York Times called it “a work of sublime artifice and touching authenticity,” the Guardian said “the film has timeless charm and a brave sense of adventure” in its five star review, and average viewers gave “La La Land” a rating of 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. Based on worldwide reactions, it seems that the production staff of “La La Land” had brought a bygone genre back from the dead. Continue reading “MHS Alum Wins Golden Globes for His Role in “La La Land””

Globe Editors’ Favorite Albums of 2016

Liam Katz ’18

1. Kanye WestThe Life of Pablo

After a painfully long rollout, suffering varying different album names and tracklists, Kanye West’s 7th solo studio album, The Life of Pablo, was finally released on February 14th. This album caused controversy, as Kanye usually does, because of its obscene album art, ever changing tracklist, and somewhat vile lyrics. Continue reading “Globe Editors’ Favorite Albums of 2016”

MHS Students Make MLK Assembly One to Remember

Photo by Jack Mollin

The Martin Luther King Jr. Assembly is one of the highlights of the year for MHS students, and this year’s show completely fulfilled that standard. There were excellent performances from dozens of MHS students and groups, such as the Force, Krazii Krew, Tap Team, and plenty of others. There were riveting speeches given, powerfully echoing the words of MLK. It was definitely a show to remember, carrying on the legacy of excellent MLK. Continue reading “MHS Students Make MLK Assembly One to Remember”

Mr. Moore Steps Down as Head of Shakespeare Company

Photo by Sam Sarkozi: Mr. Moore leads a rehearsal session.

Mr. Moore, the PACE Theater teacher of 6 years, has tirelessly worked to direct and teach about the works of William Shakespeare. He has not only done this in PACE, but also throughout his work as the director the Mamaroneck Shakespeare Players for the past four years. Unfortunately, this will be Mr. Moore’s last year in charge of running the long-standing company. Continue reading “Mr. Moore Steps Down as Head of Shakespeare Company”

PACE Students Show Their Talent in This Year’s Soundscapes Performance

Photo courtesy of Rosa Sofia Kaminski: A group performs during Soundscapes.

Soundscapes is an annual PACE show in which music is the sole focus. Students can play musical instruments or sing. It’s a great way to showcase all of the raw musical talent found at MHS away from the theater. Continue reading “PACE Students Show Their Talent in This Year’s Soundscapes Performance”