Farewell Globe Seniors


The Globe staff of 2017-2018 excelled under the leadership of Jordan Steinberg and Liam Katz, two of the three Editors-in-Chief for this past school year. Their enthusiasm and passion was shown through their dedication to the Globe and the two left a great impression on the staff.

        Jordan Steinberg began writing for the Globe his freshman year and became an Assistant Op-Ed Editor sophomore year. At the end of his sophomore year, Steinberg applied for Editor-in-Chief but did  not expect to get the position. Steinberg applied for the position because he knew he would put in the work and was a very active staff member. Steinberg’s hard work paid off and he was selected as Editor-in-Chief and held that position for two years. In addition to holding the head position for two years, Steinberg balanced that with the school’s Model Congress, of which he was the president, the Force, and music discussion club. One of Steinberg’s fondest memories of his time at MHS was being Editor-in-Chief. He went on trips to Columbia University, where the Globe staff attended lectures, conferences and met other publications from across the country. He added that he will also miss the “general community atmosphere” in the Globe room. Steinberg made the Globe room a welcoming place and formed bonds with many staff members. Steinberg demonstrated strong leadership skills and was respected by all of his fellow staff members for his positive and friendly attitude. After graduation, Jordan will attend Georgetown University and is planning to major in political economy. Continue reading “Farewell Globe Seniors”


The Man Behind the Tiger Mask

Meet Noah Wolfson: president of the school, DJ in the overpass, and the man behind the tiger mask. Noah first entered the Student Council world his freshman year when his orientation leader encouraged him to put his name on the ballot. Much to his surprise, he ended up becoming the freshman class president. The following year he continued his reign as the sophomore class president. During his junior year, he took a break from the presidency run and took on the position of vice president of social affairs. However, the break did not last long as he ran for, and was elected to, president of the school for his senior year. Looking back, Noah’s favorite Student Council memory was gaining the support of fellow Student Council members to invest in rally towels for the hockey playoff games his sophomore year. He enthusiastically sold the towels at a game against Scarsdale, in which the team came back from a 2-0 deficit and won 3-2. He recalls the rally towels making him feel as though he had “just won the Stanley Cup.” Continue reading “The Man Behind the Tiger Mask”

10538 Bikes to Serve Larchmont Community

10538 Bikes, a new bike shop, will open up in Larchmont within the next few months. The shop will offer rentals, lessons, pick up and delivery on new bikes, and an assortment of accessories. Joelle Litzky, the previous owner of Larchmont Bikes, is opening a new storefront. The location has not been confirmed, but progress on this exciting addition to the community is underway. Continue reading “10538 Bikes to Serve Larchmont Community”

Travel: More Than a Luxury?

People today are often overwhelmed with stress and concerns of everyday life that they fail to take time to breathe and let ourselves relax. A result of this behavior is extreme exhaustion, which can only be combated by taking a break. As humans, we are attracted to the idea of travel, which allows us to “get away” or “escape” the complexities of modern life. Fortunately, it turns out that research on travel corroborates what many of us already believe: travel has a profoundly positive effect on physical and mental health. Continue reading “Travel: More Than a Luxury?”

MHS Club Feature: Midnight Run

On December 15th, the MHS Midnight Run Club went on its annual winter run into the city. Departing MHS at 9 pm with six cars filled of clothing, bagged meals, toiletries, and other supplies, 22 club members spent the night handing out these items to the homeless in NYC. Stopping at predetermined locations, the cars were met by people with needs ranging from long-term winter supplies, to the most basic necessities, or even simply a secure next meal. The cars carried clothing and food donated from multiple sources throughout town.

In addition to providing many things these people need to survive, they also interacted with the homeless and engaged in conversation. These interactions are often the most valuable part of the experience, as they offer unique and valuable insight to the everyday lives of these people. Many of the men and women light up when they talk to those handing out the supplies. “We get the chance to speak to them personally and hear their stories, which is what I love most about being a member of this club,” says Liliana Fernandez ‘17, who is a co-president of the Midnight Run club. “One thing that I have realized from being a part of this for three years now is how grateful and fortunate I am to have what I have in my life.” For many, gaining insight into what it is like to live on the streets can be emotional, but it can also provide a more realistic view of poverty and homelessness than popular belief offers. However, interactions are often cut short, as people engage in conversations and then go on their way. Continue reading “MHS Club Feature: Midnight Run”

MHS Club Feature: PAWS

When Sam Lurie joined the MHS club PAWS as a freshman, she loved what it stood for but noticed that the club did not actually meet that often. As her time at the high school continued, she observed that the club was meeting less and less. Saddened by the fact that her favorite club was devolving, she decided to revamp PAWS once she became president herself. As the acronym P.A.W.S. states, the goal of the club is to protect animal welfare and safety in any way possible, whether it be through direct volunteering or helping out with donation efforts at the high school. No matter how big or how small, any contribution makes a difference. The club is ever-growing, with reportedly more than 100 members signing up to join this year at the Club Fair. Continue reading “MHS Club Feature: PAWS”

MHS Club Feature: Common Hope

Common Hope is a new club that was started this year by co-presidents Millie Bohn, Sophie Showers and Abby Troy. The club is very personal to Millie and the Bohn family as her grandparents were extremely involved in the organization for many years and with the recent passing of her grandparents, she felt that bringing this organization to Mamaroneck High School would be a great way to honor their legacy.

Continue reading “MHS Club Feature: Common Hope”

Larchmont Holiday Pop-Up Shop

Love Bella was a local favorite on Palmer Avenue for many years  that mothers of Larchmont enjoyed for its chic clothing, jewelry, bags, and accessories. It was tragically burnt down in the fire on Palmer Avenue in Larchmont in November of 2016 and the space was destroyed. But it is back, and for a limited time only! Owner Ellie Zieminski has opened a holiday pop up shop that will be open until January 6. The store highlights accessories and jewelry, and also features a large selection of sweaters, scarves and other clothing. The shop’s location is 148 Larchmont Avenue and will be open from 10 am to 6 pm Tuesday through Saturday. Continue reading “Larchmont Holiday Pop-Up Shop”

An Interview with a Chinese Exchange Student

Every September, many MHS students that take partake in the Chinese program host students from the Shanghai Experimental School (SES) for a week. This fall marked the fifth year of the exchange program. Students from Shanghai stayed with MHS students for five days and then continued on to other cities such as Boston and Washington D.C. For most of these students, it was their first time in America. In the spring, Mamaroneck students will have the opportunity to travel to Shanghai for ten days, regardless of whether or not they hosted in September.

All of the exchange students arrived on Saturday September 23rd. Many were jet lagged, and so Saturday was spent resting and preparing for Sunday’s activities. On Sunday, many families went to New York City or visited various fun places in Westchester. The agenda of the exchange students varied between households, but all students attended school on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Tuesday, they attended workshops hosted by MHS teachers, such as a cooking class, a lesson on American values, and a PACE acting class. The following day, exchange students attended their host student’s classes before heading out to Woodbury Commons for some shopping. Students left on Thursday for Boston. Continue reading “An Interview with a Chinese Exchange Student”

Little Free Libraries

The goal of the Little Free Library organization is to provide book exchanges to improve reading motivation and deepen community connectedness. Most of the “libraries” are located throughout towns and communities in central locations where they can spread the joy of reading. The libraries themselves are small boxes, similar to bird houses, that are usually decorated. These libraries are located all across the country and can be spotted in Larchmont at Turtle Park and Flint Park. Continue reading “Little Free Libraries”

Club Spotlight: Project EPIC

Two years ago, a chapter of Project Epic was established here at MHS when a group of junior boys formed a board to represent MHS through the foundation’s values. Project Epic was founded by Spencer Cromwell and Srivatsa Dattatreya in 2014. The foundation’s goal is to “Work with volunteers to assemble and distribute backpacks containing Essentials, Provisions, Information, and Care to the homeless. The foundation is referred to as a “team” with an array of working parts. Cromwell and Dattatreya serve as the directors and a list of ten high schools and counting serve as chapters, coordinating with Cromwell and Dattatreya themselves. Since 2014, over 2,414 packs have been distributed and over $53,00 in funds have been raised. Continue reading “Club Spotlight: Project EPIC”

A Sweet New Store Settles in Mamaroneck

The Mamaroneck community is getting a new and trendy addition: a shop called Sweet Charlie’s will open this fall. This chain is fairly new, founded by Kyle Billig in 2015. Though there are many other Sweet Charlie’s’ across the eastern seaboard in places such as Philadelphia and Haddonfield, this will be the first Sweet Charlie’s in New York.

This store will sell the instagram-popularized rolled ice-cream. Rolled ice-cream is made on a plate that is 20 degrees below zero that allows the the liquid ice-cream to crystallize into a frozen flat sheet of ice cream that is then rolled scraped into a cylindrical roll of delicious ice-cream. Not only is this method fun to watch, but it’s actually healthier. This has influenced its instagram fame because any reason to allow people to eat more ice-cream is extremely popular! Due to the cold plate onto which the ice-cream or frozen yogurt is poured, there is no need to use “stabilizers, emulsifiers, and preservatives” a fact that Sweet Charley prides itself in. This eliminates chemicals that many ice cream companies have to incorporate to keep the product frozen.    Continue reading “A Sweet New Store Settles in Mamaroneck”

Ned’s Declassified: Freshmen Edition

Ninth Grade:  It’s the first year of high school, which is the stepping stone to college. This is the time when you’ll be making new friends, meeting people, and taking unfamiliar classes. It’s an exciting year filled with great memories! To help you make the most of it, we’ve listed some tips below: Continue reading “Ned’s Declassified: Freshmen Edition”

Retiring Members of the MHS Community


frasene from linked in

Mr. Frasene

The 2016-2017 school year marks the last at Mamaroneck High School for a very special member of our community. Mr. Frasene has truly embraced his role as Assistant Principal, though he’s so much more than that. Often found amidst the bustling overpass, Mr. Frasene never fails to deliver a warm greeting to each and every student. His light-hearted humor and active involvement match a friendly and familiar face to his title. Continue reading “Retiring Members of the MHS Community”

“Smorgasburg” Comes to Mamaroneck High School

On Monday June 5, Mamaroneck High School students were surprised by the presence of food trucks in the senior lot. Students came running out of their classes to get in line for the fries from Fryborg and the fried Oreos and mac and cheese from the 3 Li’l Little BBQ trucks. The same happened on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, with trucks from Mac Truck NYC, Crazy Taco-Mex, Superlicious NYC, Chicken Joes, and Kona Ice pulling into the parking lot. Since banning bake sales in 2014, this was the first time Mamaroneck High School has been allowed to sell food to raise money. Ali James, Vice President of the current sophomore class, proposed this idea as a way to fundraise for future proms and other school events. So far, it has been very successful, raising over $…. in just the first week. The Globe interviewed Ali about the project and goals. Continue reading ““Smorgasburg” Comes to Mamaroneck High School”

Web Exclusive: Meet the Candidates!

Student council elections are Monday through Wednesday this week! Check out The Globe’s first-ever “Meet the Candidates” lineup to know what each candidate is all about. Note: this is not the final list of candidates. Only candidates whom we received information from are included in this. Ballots on the day of election may differ.

Continue reading “Web Exclusive: Meet the Candidates!”