About The Globe

For over three decades, The Globe has stood as the preeminent student-run newspaper at Mamaroneck High School in Mamaroneck, New York. The paper is published every month of the academic year and serves the community of the high school and surrounding community. The staff is comprised of roughly fifty student volunteers and is overseen by two faculty advisors, Darren Bosch and Craig Goldberg.

The Globe welcomes submissions from all Mamaroneck High School students. The staff holds writers meetings for interested contributors before each issue, which are announced a week in advance on this website and on The Globe’s Facebook (The Globe) and Twitter (@mhsglobe) pages.

The Globe has won first place in the American Scholastic Press Association competition for high school newspapers two years in a row. We hope that you enjoy the product of the staff’s effort.


To report a correction, please email mamaroneckglobe@gmail.com with the word correction in the subject header.

Letters to the Editor 

Readers are strongly encouraged to submit their reactions to recent Globe articles to be considered for publication in the paper’s next issue. Please limit letters to 200 words and include your name, class, the article’s title and the article’s author (if applicable). Letters can be sent via email to mamaroneckglobe@gmail.com.

Joining The Globe

All students enrolled at Mamaroneck High School are welcomed to contribute to The Globe. Before each issue, The Globe holds a writers meeting open to all students interested in submitting writing, photography or cartooning to be included in the paper. The date, time and location of meetings are announced several days in advance. Students are encouraged to email The Globe at mamaroneckglobe@gmail.com and to sign up to receive email notifications for further information.

Applications for students who wish to apply for a position on the Globe staff become available and are due in early April of each year. Forms can be acquired in rooms C123 and C148 of Mamaroneck High School. Staff members are required to commit significant amounts of time writing, editing, and formatting both during lunch periods and after school. For more information on the application process, please email the address in above paragraph.


For subscription information, contact Jack Mollin (914)815-8751, Emily Renner (914)275-3613 or Jordan Steinberg (914)629-8949. The Globe has a mailbox at Mamaroneck High School and can be reached online at mamaroneckglobe@gmail.com. To subscribe by mail, send a letter to Mamaroneck High School care of Mr. Bosch and Mr. Goldberg with a check for $15 payable to Mamaroneck High School, 1000 W. Boston Post Road, Mamaroneck, NY 10543 along with your mailing address.


Each edition of The Globe is distributed to an estimated 1400 Mamaroneck High School students and is publicized online, reaching an additional 1000 students, teachers and community members. Advertisements can be purchased individually or in bundles.For advertising information, contact Sebastion De Lasa (914)374-1211, Emma Kaneti (914)924-6746, Rebecca Novick (914)714-3539, Stephen Rothman (914)844-8207, or Owen Zucker (914)907-9676.

Social Media

The Globe makes notifications and announcements through social media. Like The Globe on Facebook, follow @mhsglobe on Twitter, @mhsglobe on  Instagram and add @mamkglobe on Snapchat.


The 2016-2017 Globe Staff

Jack Mollin
Jordan Steinberg
Emily Renner

Editor-in-Chief: Web
Stephen Rothman

Editorial Directors
Emma Kaneti (Oversight: Features)
Julia Lehman

Managing Editors
Sebastian De Lasa (Oversight: Arts & Leis.)
Rebecca Novick (Oversight: Op-Ed)
Stephen Rothman (Oversight: Sports; Web)
Owen Zucker (Oversight: News)

Social Media/PR Editor
Camryn Cohen

Copy Editors
Sam Sarkozi
Julia Steinberg

News Editors
Greg Corbin
Noah Patrick

Assistant News Editors
Chloe Derrico
Marc Gowda
Becca Marcus
Emily Nadler
Leah Roffman
Effiana Svarre

Features Editors
Emma Gottsegen
Sam Master
Gabby Tucciarone
Assistant Features Editors
James Anderson
Izzy Aronin
Samuel Hodman
Katherine LoBue
Julie Stowell
Hanna Young

Op-Ed Editors
Liam Katz
Peter Simpson

Assistant Op-Ed Editors
Henry Brody
Sophia Glinski
Jane Hollander
Lauren Kroell
Abby Owen
Lindsey Randall
Lily Ross
Julia Sicklick

Arts & Leisure Editors
Camryn Cohen
Aoife McManus
Mary McMillan

Assistant Arts & Leisure Editors
Eliza Grace Cattau
Gigi Ciulla
Daniel Cruz
Rosa Sofia Kaminski
Lillian Ransom
Sydney Rosen
Julia Shapiro

Sports Editors
Sophia Howard
Will Young

Assistant Sports Editors
Matthew Albert
Jesse Harwin
Jeremy Hoffner
Patrick Sundin

Julia Lehman

Rita Glazer
Rachel Steinberger

Eli Cantor


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