Criticizing the First Family: The Importance of Separating the Personal from the Political

From being a real estate developer and television personality to the president of the United States, Donald Trump can accredit much of his newfound attention to the media. The wall-to-wall coverage throughout the election, the real-time fact-checking and the countless editorials surely created a name for Donald Trump in the political world. Of course, not all of this attention was positive, as is usual for a presidential candidate. What is unusual is the ongoing political sparring between the media and President Trump long after the election. Continue reading “Criticizing the First Family: The Importance of Separating the Personal from the Political”


America’s Melting Pot: Travel Ban Boycott

Since colonization, America has been a place where different cultures come together and blend into a single society. It has been dubbed the “Melting Pot” and “Land of Opportunity.” It has been a home for those who had no home, a refuge that welcomed all, a place to build a new life. That is why President Trump’s refugee ban has saddened many people. One of the most disturbing changes is the fading of empathy in our country, which, if unchecked, may spread to the rest of the world. The immigration ban violates the founding principles of our country. Continue reading “America’s Melting Pot: Travel Ban Boycott”

The Devastation of Deportation

Artwork by Eli Canter: Trump’s first few months have created a lot of controversy throughout the country.

Guadalupe García de Rayos, married and a mother of two U.S. citizens, has been living in Arizona since she was fourteen. She is an undocumented citizen and was arrested in 2008 for using a fake Social Security number to work at a water park. However, García de Rayos has been allowed to live in the United States as long as she checked in with the officials at the Phoenix offices of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) each year. Continue reading “The Devastation of Deportation”

The Comedic Truth

Why SNL should continue to parody the Trump administration

“And live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!” yells Melissa McCarthy as she flies off the screen on her podium in her Sean Spicer outfit. A new hit on SNL, Melissa McCarthy effortlessly mocks the performance of the White House Press Secretary. Why does it seem so effortless to successfully make fun of a high ranking politician? Politics can be pretty serious; over 300 million people’s lives depend on the actions of very few. What could these few high ranking, extremely important, professionals be doing week after week that makes the majority Americans laugh harder and harder? Continue reading “The Comedic Truth”

The Importance of Truth

Why it is essential to fact-check Trump’s statements

Artwork by Eli Canter: Trump has accused many news companies of “fake news.”

A recent tweet from Donald Trump reads, “The so-called angry crowds in home districts of some Republicans are actually, in numerous cases, planned out by liberal activists. Sad!” Even though this is far from the truth, as the majority of the protests are grassroot movements by unpaid citizens, Trump’s message has been accepted by his supporters. This has been a common theme over the last few years. In 140 characters or less, Trump has the ability to influence his legions of followers with the click of a button. Continue reading “The Importance of Truth”

President Trump Orders Resurrection of the Dakota Access Pipeline

Photo courtesy of Protesters of the pipeline suffered a disheartening blow when Trump recently ordered the construction to continue.

Over the past year, an intense political battle has been waged between Dakota Access, LLC and the Sioux Native American tribe in the Dakotas over the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), a 1,172 mile oil pipeline that would be used to transport almost two million gallons of oil across the country each day. Continue reading “President Trump Orders Resurrection of the Dakota Access Pipeline”

Travel Ban Causes Unrest Among Americans

On January 27th, Donald Trump signed an executive order which has been coined the travel ban. The order terminated all immigration from seven “high risk” countries: Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Yemen and Somalia. These are the only countries affected by the travel ban, meaning that people from these countries are prevented from entering the U.S. This has been a central part of President Trump’s plan for America since he began his Presidential campaign back in 2015. The travel ban has caused mixed feelings around the country. Continue reading “Travel Ban Causes Unrest Among Americans”

The World Reacts to Trump’s Foreign Policy

Photo courtesy of the Daily Dot: Donald Trump smiles for the cameras after delivering a speech.

For the past two months as Donald Trump’s presidency has dominated the American news and the American conscience, the rest of the world has also been unable to drop the news of Trump’s presidency. There have been countries both celebrating and mourning the results of the election since November, and the opinions have only spread and strengthened as the Trump administration has taken its first steps on the world stage. So far, phone call exchanges with Russia, Australia, Mexico and China have stirred both praise and anxiety at home. However, some of the most important reactions to Trump have been overseas, as the rest of the world has become divided by the implications of his administration. Continue reading “The World Reacts to Trump’s Foreign Policy”

The Point of Protesting

Artwork by Eli Cantor: Many Americans are voicing their discontent with the new President through protests.

In the wake of Trump’s victory, many conservatives have taken to social media to voice their complaints. Remembering how they were told to quietly accept Hillary’s assured win, Trump supporters have been lashing out at Democrats for hypocritically protesting Trump. A post I recently saw condemned liberal crybabies for not being able to accept defeat. Continue reading “The Point of Protesting”

Global Warming De- bate is Heating Up

t’s hard to disagree with someone when they tell you the sky is blue. A quick Internet search can prove it. But what if they told you Planet Earth was melting? That’s a bit harder to see, even though most people know it’s happening. Anyone who does not believe in climate change and other environmental problems is out of touch with reality. Continue reading “Global Warming De- bate is Heating Up”

Trump Fills Cabinet With Wealthy Business Executives

Photo courtesy of Rex Tillerson being questioned at a hearing

President Donald J. Trump has chosen nearly all his Cabinet nominees for Senate confirmation.

His Cabinet is shaping up to be a mixture of insiders and outsiders, right-wing conservatives and mainstream Republicans, with no uniform political ideology. A number of them may be intended to disrupt–or even to undermine–the departments they are slated to manage. Continue reading “Trump Fills Cabinet With Wealthy Business Executives”

Time to Trump the Establishment

America is not what it used to be. Manufacturing jobs are being lost overseas, radical Islamist terrorism is threatening our way of life and violent crime is rising in our cities. To combat these issues, we can’t look to Washington and its corrupt politicians. Instead, we must look to an outsider who has had proven success in business and is ready to use his expertise to help Make America Great Again. We need Donald Trump as our next President. Continue reading “Time to Trump the Establishment”

Election ‘16: Student Issues Analyzed

The 2016 Presidential Election is in its waning days. This election cycle has been remarkable for a great many reasons. Many have criticized it as a deeply flawed and tainted year, one filled with personal attack after personal attack, with very little in the way of substantive discussion. Continue reading “Election ‘16: Student Issues Analyzed”