West Side Story Wins Praise from Audience

Photos courtesy of Brooke Smith: Members of the West Side Story cast take a bow after a performance.

People said it was like they were taken out of the seats of the McClain auditorium… and they were right.

From March 2nd through March 4th, a group of talented students, teachers and musicians performed the annual MHS musical. This time, it was the profound West Side Story. Unlike last year’s lively, charming Anything Goes, West Side Story brought in a whole new type of MHS musical –a sense of dark, captivating emotion. This aspect of the show pulled people out of their seats to make them feel as if they were not, in fact, watching a high school performance. Continue reading “West Side Story Wins Praise from Audience”


MHS Students Make MLK Assembly One to Remember

Photo by Jack Mollin

The Martin Luther King Jr. Assembly is one of the highlights of the year for MHS students, and this year’s show completely fulfilled that standard. There were excellent performances from dozens of MHS students and groups, such as the Force, Krazii Krew, Tap Team, and plenty of others. There were riveting speeches given, powerfully echoing the words of MLK. It was definitely a show to remember, carrying on the legacy of excellent MLK. Continue reading “MHS Students Make MLK Assembly One to Remember”

Mr. Moore Steps Down as Head of Shakespeare Company

Photo by Sam Sarkozi: Mr. Moore leads a rehearsal session.

Mr. Moore, the PACE Theater teacher of 6 years, has tirelessly worked to direct and teach about the works of William Shakespeare. He has not only done this in PACE, but also throughout his work as the director the Mamaroneck Shakespeare Players for the past four years. Unfortunately, this will be Mr. Moore’s last year in charge of running the long-standing company. Continue reading “Mr. Moore Steps Down as Head of Shakespeare Company”

PACE Students Show Their Talent in This Year’s Soundscapes Performance

Photo courtesy of Rosa Sofia Kaminski: A group performs during Soundscapes.

Soundscapes is an annual PACE show in which music is the sole focus. Students can play musical instruments or sing. It’s a great way to showcase all of the raw musical talent found at MHS away from the theater. Continue reading “PACE Students Show Their Talent in This Year’s Soundscapes Performance”