Web Exclusive: Meet the Candidates!

Student council elections are Monday through Wednesday this week! Check out The Globe’s first-ever “Meet the Candidates” lineup to know what each candidate is all about. Note: this is not the final list of candidates. Only candidates whom we received information from are included in this. Ballots on the day of election may differ.

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Electronic Ballots for Student Council Cause Complaints and Compliments

On May 18, Mamaroneck High School launched a new electronic voting system for the 2016 Student Council and Student Faculty Advisory Committee elections. The system, a Google form sent by email that was meant to streamline the cumbersome process of distributing, collecting and counting paper ballots—while also making the election more fair by eliminating the human error associated with counting ballots by hand—ended up confusing a student populace not ready for the change. Continue reading “Electronic Ballots for Student Council Cause Complaints and Compliments”