Varsity Softball Eyes Section Title

Photo courtesy of Mamaroneck Softball: The varsity softball team is having a remarkable season.

Building upon a successful end to last season, with the team making the section semifinals before losing, Mamaroneck Varsity Softball has sprung to a hot start to their season. With their new coach, Susan Hannon, the Tigers were going into this season unaware of what to expect. Continue reading “Varsity Softball Eyes Section Title”


Boys Track Sets New Record in Relay

Photo courtesy of Mamaroneck Schools: Mamaroneck track celebrates their victory

Records, as the common proverb says, are meant to be shattered. This past week, one of the fastest records at Mamaroneck High School was shattered. Sam Morton, Papa Diop, Jack Spiridellis, and Will Young (all ’17) set a brand new school record for the 4x800m relay. Continue reading “Boys Track Sets New Record in Relay”

Sergio Garcia Wins the Masters

The Taylormade golf ball with a little “10” on it moves with the grains of the green and starts to break to the left. Jim Nantz, the CBS commentator quietly whispers,“ And after so many years…” The ball continues to break to the left and finally, with the screams and sounds of excitement rising in the background, it sneaks in the hole on the very left side for Sergio’s birdie and win on the 73rd hole of the Masters. “Once and for all for Sergio!” shouts Jim Nantz into the microphone. Continue reading “Sergio Garcia Wins the Masters”

Hockey Team’s Season Ends in State Semifinals

Photo courtesy of Sandra Wong Geroux: “Tommy Spero ’17 and Chris Watroba ’18 embrace after the loss.”

For some, sports are meaningless; for others, they mean everything. For those who relate to the latter, there is no worse feeling than losing a playoff game in your senior year of high school. For the Mamaroneck Varsity Ice Hockey team, the emotions, much like the stage the game was played on, were amplified. So, when it was over, and Buffalo-based Williamsville North poured onto the ice to celebrate its 1-0 win over the defending state champions, it made sense that players laid motionless, face first on the ice. For many, it was the end of their hockey career. Continue reading “Hockey Team’s Season Ends in State Semifinals”

Brady-Belichick Era Nearing an End?

Photo courtesy of Yahoo Sports: “Tom Brady (left) and Bill Belichick (right) celebrate after winning a game.”

With an amazing run spanning 17 years, nine Super Bowl appearances, and seven Super Bowl rings, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady of the New England Patriots are great contenders for the best coachquarterback duo of all time. The Patriots have been the gold standard in the NFL, but how much longer will they reign? As Brady approaches the age of 40, it is only a matter of time until his performance is expected to deteriorate. Continue reading “Brady-Belichick Era Nearing an End?”

The Globalization of Basketball

Photo by Matthew Albert: “Damien Inglis of the Westchester Knicks goes up for a layup.”

For professional basketball players on the cusp of making it professionally in the United States, there are a few routes available to help them reach their goals. The first is playing for the NBA’s D-League, or Developmental League. In the D-league, players improve their skills and could potentially be called up to an NBA team. However, more and more players are choosing an alternative route: playing overseas. To the casual basketball fan, the premise of playing abroad can be perplexing. An injury to an NBA player can open the door for a lower level player if they remain in the U.S. So, this begs the question, why go abroad? For a player aspiring to meet his dreams of reaching the NBA, the discussion follows a different trajectory. Continue reading “The Globalization of Basketball”

Athletics or Art? The Struggle of Student Athletes

Artwork by Eli Cantor: Students at MHS have trouble juggling athletics with activities in the arts.

Students at Mamaroneck High School are very fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in a variety of strong and outstanding programs. These programs include sports teams, PACE, band, orchestra, chorus, art, photography… the list goes on. Many students at MHS are active in one of these programs, but those who are involved in two or more have to deal with a demanding schedule. They often have to drop one activity in order to be actively involved in another. Continue reading “Athletics or Art? The Struggle of Student Athletes”

Cheerleading Meets Olympic Standards to Become a Sport

Photo courtesy of Vice Sports: The IOC has officially recognized cheerleading as a sport.

For millions of previously unrecognized athletes, there was reason to cheer this past December. On December 6th, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) officially recognized cheerleading as a sport. With this recognition, many previously existing contentions and debates about the degree of athletics required by cheerleading have been settled. Continue reading “Cheerleading Meets Olympic Standards to Become a Sport”

Featured Athlete: Tommy Spero

Photo by Sandra Wong Geroux: Tommy Spero ’17 is the starting goalie on the Varsity Hockey team.

Tommy Spero ‘17, the goalie for the Mamaroneck Varsity “A” Ice Hockey team is no stranger to the spotlight. Last year, Spero led the team to its first ice hockey state championship in school history. When asked how it felt to win states last year, Spero shared, “It felt incredible. To do it with the team we had was just amazing; to do it for “Chappie,” his first one ever for hockey. It was just an incredible moment and I am looking forward to doing it again this year.” The miraculous achievement was built upon years of dedication and preparation. Continue reading “Featured Athlete: Tommy Spero”

Mamaroneck Girls’ Basketball Honors Fallen Mount Vernon Teen

Photo courtesy of Lohud: Ella Simko ‘19 presents Nadine McKenzie, mother of Shamoya, with flowers and cards prior to the Mamaroneck Girls’ JV game against Mount Vernon.

Most high school basketball games are filled with a lot of intensity. However, Mamaroneck’s game against Mount Vernon on January 6th felt different, and that was due to the death of Mount Vernon Girls’ JV player, Shamoya McKenzie. Continue reading “Mamaroneck Girls’ Basketball Honors Fallen Mount Vernon Teen”

An Ode to Craig Sager: The Man in an All Suede Suit

Photo courtesy of Huffington Post: Sager left his mark on sports journalism.

What does it mean to be full of life? Does it mean you have the capacity to act individually, as if no one is watching? Does it mean you are not afraid to be judged by other people’s standards? The truth is, no matter what your evaluation of the phrase is, if you knew who Craig Sager was, you could easily say he lived every moment to its maximum potential, with no regard to how other people would respond. That is what endeared Craig to so many people. That is what made Mr. Sager so unique. Continue reading “An Ode to Craig Sager: The Man in an All Suede Suit”

MHS Athletes Sign Letters of Intent

Photo courtesy of mamkschools: From left: Sam Morton ‘17, Lindsey Devore ’17, Nina Smoor ’17, Alexa Cestaro ’17 and Andy Francella ’17 sit down to sign their letters of intent.

On November 18, five MHS athletes signed letters of intent to participate in college athletics at the division one and division two levels. Of the athletes who committed, four will be playing at the division one level and one will be playing at the division two level. Continue reading “MHS Athletes Sign Letters of Intent”

Hyped for New Season

Photo courtesy of Mr. Carver: Members of the Mamaroneck Varsity Boys’ Basketball team pictured at Albright College this summer.

As we venture into the beginning of the winter season for Mamaroneck Varsity sports, there is one team that is going under the radar. The Mamaroneck Basketball team looks to make some noise in their league, evident in their constant preparation throughout the summer and fall. The team will soon take the court and has been working together for quite some time. They hope to use their hard work to provide early results. Continue reading “Hyped for New Season”

Heisman Trophy Race Heats Up

Photo courtesy of USA Today: Quarterback Lamar Jackson hurdles over a defender.

College football season is in full swing. It’s that time of year when the media and fans start talking about The Heisman Trophy, college football’s all-around best player award. This year’s race for the trophy consists of many different types of players including quarterbacks, running backs and even a defensive back, which is rare occurrence, because the award is typically dominated by offensive candidate. Continue reading “Heisman Trophy Race Heats Up”

Girls’ Varsity Basketball Looking to New Coach for New Image

McNelis in her senior year at the University of Rochester.

Last year, the Mamaroneck Girls’ Varsity Basketball team had a record of 3-15. Its season ended on an unfortunate note, with coach Panaro stepping down from her position. However, many were excited to hear that the athletics department was able to hire New York Extreme Hoops AAU coach, Johanna McNelis. “Jo” played on Rye Neck High School’s varsity team for four years, where she is still the all-time-leading scorer, amassing a total of 1407 points over the course of her illustrious career. Continue reading “Girls’ Varsity Basketball Looking to New Coach for New Image”

Mamaroneck Ice Hockey Gears Up for State Title Defense

Photo courtesy of USA Today: Will Payne ’17, Tommy Spero ’17, Harrison Schreiber ’19 and the rest of the varsity hockey team celebrate a big win last season.

Coming into the 2016-2017 season, expectations are high for the Mamaroneck Varsity Ice Hockey team. Fresh off of its first ever state championship, the team returns ten players and is receiving an influx of new senior talent. Continue reading “Mamaroneck Ice Hockey Gears Up for State Title Defense”

Mamaroneck Boys’ Soccer Season Ends Too Soon

Photo courtesy of News12varsity: New Rochelle players celebrate after scoring the game-winning penalty kick.

Sometimes, sports can give you hope, then make your heart stop, see an entire season flash before your eyes, and tear your heart out. In the Mamaroneck Boys’ Soccer team’s excruciating defeat on Monday night at the hands of New Rochelle, all of this proved to be true. Continue reading “Mamaroneck Boys’ Soccer Season Ends Too Soon”