Say Yes to ALL Dresses

A prom dress shouldn’t overshadow the night itself

The second semester of high school is pretty jampacked with all sorts of major events and stress-inducing moments. Although students just barely escaped the clutches of midterms, they now have to worry about bigger things- finals, college, ACT’s and SAT’s, etc. However, there is another major force facing us that seems to be arousing quite a lot of anxiety among upperclassmen: prom. There’s the stress about who you’re going to take, how you may want to “prompose” to someone, and of course, the dreaded picking of what to wear. Continue reading “Say Yes to ALL Dresses”


Is Junior Prom Really Necessary?

Photo by Hannah Kahn

Junior Prom season has come to a close—the boys have returned their tuxes and the girls have finally hung up their dresses, never to be worn again. But after all the drama and craziness leading up to this big “Bar Mitzvah,” we are left with one question: what’s the point? Continue reading “Is Junior Prom Really Necessary?”