Who is Adam Norris, Really?

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “Norris”? Most people would probably say the actor Chuck Norris. For many Mamaroneck High School juniors (and seniors), though, they might respond with the name Adam Norris. Continue reading “Who is Adam Norris, Really?”


Chemistry Teacher Finds Himself on Both Sides of Cultural and Academic Divides

At first glance all there is to see is a tall man with big hands who always seems to carry a water jug and a vibrant colored shirt that almost seems coordinated with his bright smile. Clayton E. Mattis has lived a life many of us cannot imagine. From growing up in Kingston, Jamaica to working here at Mamaroneck High School as a chemistry teacher, he has learned a lot throughout his journey. Continue reading “Chemistry Teacher Finds Himself on Both Sides of Cultural and Academic Divides”

Hits Big On the Field, Strikes Out On the Sidelines

By Lauren Kroell

The Big Bash League cricket tournament is a rather large and important Australian domestic cricket event. The tournament, which ends on January 24th, 2016 is in its fifth year of competition. However, most of the news following this event has not been around the performance on the field or the current teams in the lineup, but in- stead tracks one specific interview for Network Ten.