Say Yes to ALL Dresses

A prom dress shouldn’t overshadow the night itself

The second semester of high school is pretty jampacked with all sorts of major events and stress-inducing moments. Although students just barely escaped the clutches of midterms, they now have to worry about bigger things- finals, college, ACT’s and SAT’s, etc. However, there is another major force facing us that seems to be arousing quite a lot of anxiety among upperclassmen: prom. There’s the stress about who you’re going to take, how you may want to “prompose” to someone, and of course, the dreaded picking of what to wear. Continue reading “Say Yes to ALL Dresses”


Hottest Looks From This Year’s New York Fashion Week

From February 9th to the 16th, models clad in this season’s hottest trends studded the runways at New York Fashion Week. Though it only lasts 8 days, NYFW is instrumental in the world of fashion. New beauty trends pop up, and of course, A-listers sit front row to watch it all unfold. Here is a recap of most popular looks at NYFW. Continue reading “Hottest Looks From This Year’s New York Fashion Week”

History in the Fashion World Covergirl Has First Male Model

Photo courtesy of Galore

Earlier in October, Covergirl made a major step in both fashion and advertising history by having their first ever male model. This model, James Charles, is a seventeen year old makeup artist who is very popular over all forms of social media. This is neither the first time males have modeled for makeup, nor the first time Covergirl has broken stereotypes set by society Continue reading “History in the Fashion World Covergirl Has First Male Model”