Board of Ed Proposes New Budget

On March 9th, superintendent Dr. Shaps presented his recommended budget for the 2017-2018 school year at the Mamaroneck Board of Education meeting. The recommended budget, which totals $135,277,639, represents an increase of 1.59% from the previous year.

Among many components of the recommended budget, one benefiting the high school is expanded elective pathways. The design, engineering, computer science and culinary arts programs will receive a boost, further improving their respective course sequences. In computer science and OSR, new teachers will be hired to meet growing demand. Continue reading “Board of Ed Proposes New Budget”


Culinary Arts Class Heating Up

Photo by James Anderson

Culinary Arts classes are offered as an elective at Mamaroneck High School. This elective has been offered for many years, but few students have taken advantage of it in past years. However, the culinary arts course has recently become more popular. It is currently taught by Chef Luff whom we spoke to about this practical four year elective. Continue reading “Culinary Arts Class Heating Up”

Building Better Scientists

Photo by Rachel Steinberger: Mr. Garbarino teaches the OSR program at Mamaroneck High School.

As many freshman students begin their early morning routine of getting to school at seven o’clock, they will soon realize that OSR is not for the faint of heart. These freshmen will have to quickly master the arts of time management and problem solving in order to thrive in OSR. Continue reading “Building Better Scientists”