Education in Danger

Devos’ lack of experience is troubling

Artwork by Eli Canter: Betsy Devos has claimed that guns in schools will help protect students against grizzly bears.

The future of America relies heavily on our education system. For decades, public schools have provided a relatively accessible form of education. While our education system may be flawed, the elimination of public school is far from the solution. Continue reading “Education in Danger”


Devos Appointment Causes Controversy

Americans express concern about the new Secretary of Education

Photo courtesy of NBC News: Critics of Betsy Devos’ policies are concerned about her confirmation as Secretary of Education. 

By now, most people in our country know of Betsy Devos. She was confirmed as our new Secretary of Education in a historic vote, where the Vice President was needed to break a tie for the first time in United States history. Many people do not support her, as she has never had any experience public schooling and in her senate hearings showed that she does not really know what she is doing. But others feel that she can help all of our public schools through her beliefs in vouchers for school choice and charter schools. Continue reading “Devos Appointment Causes Controversy”

Field Trips Offer Unique Hands-on Learning Experience

Field trips allow students to see real world applications of school subjects

For the majority of high school students, a field trip is a welcomed break from the mundane and often rigorous school day. The concept of getting out of class for a trip is one that is highly appealing to those who feel that they will be excused from paying attention or exerting any sort of meaningful energy. However, this is not the goal of the field trips that Mamaroneck High School offers its students. Continue reading “Field Trips Offer Unique Hands-on Learning Experience”