Criticizing the First Family: The Importance of Separating the Personal from the Political

From being a real estate developer and television personality to the president of the United States, Donald Trump can accredit much of his newfound attention to the media. The wall-to-wall coverage throughout the election, the real-time fact-checking and the countless editorials surely created a name for Donald Trump in the political world. Of course, not all of this attention was positive, as is usual for a presidential candidate. What is unusual is the ongoing political sparring between the media and President Trump long after the election. Continue reading “Criticizing the First Family: The Importance of Separating the Personal from the Political”


The Search for Usefulness

What should happen to the school’s “Japanese Garden?”

In the corner of Palmer, there is a small outdoor patch of greenery. It’s enclosed by four brick walls with windows that are almost always closed surrounding it; the green doors that connect it to the school’s hallways are locked around the clock. Though it has no ethnic elements, it is widely called the Japanese Garden. Some have tried to climb into the garden from the windows while others settle for looking from the hallways. The school administration has decided to repurpose the so-called Japanese Garden–but what would be an effective use of the space? Continue reading “The Search for Usefulness”

“Cyberterrorism” Taking Its Hold

Who is to blame for the cyber hacks, lies, and confusion plaguing U.S. politics?

The recent election cycle has been a whirlwind of accusations, rumors, hateful comments and fear mongering. As the country emerges from the polls with newly selected leaders, it is coming to the government’s attention that some of those accusations and rumors may have been deliberately planted to alter the election in some way. Though most of the information is highly classified, and there is no complete certainty about what the intent was, the FBI, CIA, DNI and NSA all agree that Russia was active in the elections. Continue reading ““Cyberterrorism” Taking Its Hold”

Helping Hand or an Imminent Threat: The Case for Embracing Artificial Intelligence

From Siri and self-driving cars to robot vacuums and virtual personal assistants, artificial intelligence is transitioning from being the next big technological advance to a popular technology among consumers. For decades, scientists have explored ways to have technology meet the demands of a fast-paced and advanced society. Now the question is less about racing to catch up, and more about evolving too fast for the safety of humanity. Continue reading “Helping Hand or an Imminent Threat: The Case for Embracing Artificial Intelligence”

Greenwich High Changes School Time: Should MHS Be Next?

To the average adolescent, sleep is an evasive ideal, a laughable concept. Getting the proper amount of sleep every night becomes more of a far-fetched dream as the years go by and the classes in school get harder. Come senior year, pulling all-nighters isn’t just a sleep-over dare, it’s a desperate attempt to finish the essay, study for the huge test, or design the major project due the next day. The importance of a healthy slumber would easily be outweighed by these assignments–a fact that troubles many parents and school administrators. Continue reading “Greenwich High Changes School Time: Should MHS Be Next?”

Obama’s Lasting Impact on America

As the 2016 election finally comes to an end, our country is looking to the results: our new or re-elected senators, House representatives, mayors, governors, and, of course, our next President. However, America is also getting ready to say goodbye to its leader of eight years, President Barack Obama. With his two terms drawing to an end, the question must be asked: what will Obama be remembered for? Continue reading “Obama’s Lasting Impact on America”

Mother Teresa: Is She a Hero?

Mother Teresa’s canonization has invoked both dissent and praise.

September 4th, 2016, marked the canonization of Mother Teresa, a Christian icon. She is known globally for her devotion to serving the impoverished and underprivileged with projects such as the Order of the Missionaries of Charity in 1950. However, dissenters have spoken out against Mother Teresa’s new sainthood, beginning a bitter debate about the merits of her charitable work and legacy. Continue reading “Mother Teresa: Is She a Hero?”

The Access Embargo

Are the school’s technology restrictions inhibiting students’ education?

Photo courtesy of Eli Canter

The district’s investments in technology have been a controversial topic among the student body for years. This year’s restrictions on the iPads, WiFi and computers are already causing usage issues for many students in Mamaroneck High School. Continue reading “The Access Embargo”

The Importance of Safety

Artwork courtesy of Eli Cantor: “MHS students had to sit on the field for multiple hours because of a bomb threat.”

Was the recent evacuation worth the trouble?

On Tuesday, May 24th, MHS students and faculty found themselves settling down onto the turf outside of school unexpectedly around noon. With the announcement that they would have a prolonged stay outside, students grouped themselves into circles and sat down to relax. Continue reading “The Importance of Safety”

Death With Dignity

Terminally ill patients deserve the right to die

Right now, somewhere in our country, there is a woman who’s terminally ill in a place where she cannot die with dignity. She does not want to be the person she is becoming: scared, querulous, self-obsessed, ungiving and cancerous. She already has an imminent death sentence, an impending doom. Continue reading “Death With Dignity”

Bias: Now Trending

Artwork by Steven Rome

Everyone knows their Facebook “friends” are biased. There will always be a friend who shares an unprecedented amount of anti-Obama photos, and one who doesn’t go a day without posting a status regarding Trump’s bigotry. The posts are partisan but are expected, as you are aware that the posts only represent the views of your respective friends. Continue reading “Bias: Now Trending”

Field Trips Offer Unique Hands-on Learning Experience

Field trips allow students to see real world applications of school subjects

For the majority of high school students, a field trip is a welcomed break from the mundane and often rigorous school day. The concept of getting out of class for a trip is one that is highly appealing to those who feel that they will be excused from paying attention or exerting any sort of meaningful energy. However, this is not the goal of the field trips that Mamaroneck High School offers its students. Continue reading “Field Trips Offer Unique Hands-on Learning Experience”

Lack of Diversity at Oscars Points to Larger Issue

Considering the source of Hollywood’s inclusion problem

Award shows are places for lavish dresses, amusing hosts and apparently— as in this year’s Academy Awardsonly white nominees. Early this January, when the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced its 2016 Oscar nominees, all 20 contenders for acting awards were white and films with black themes had been shut out of the best picture category. The furor was immediate.

Continue reading “Lack of Diversity at Oscars Points to Larger Issue”

Jumping on the Bandwagon

Questioning the rationale of college students holding anti-racism protests across the U.S. 

College students have always been recognized as the nation’s most forward-thinking demographic. During the civil rights era they were the first to initiate sit-ins as a form of protest. Likewise, the movement against U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War was born on college campuses. So in the 21st century it comes as no surprise that protests against discrimination would be spearheaded by this demographic. What has come as more of a surprise has been the extent to which these latest protests have propagated amongst campuses across the nation. Continue reading “Jumping on the Bandwagon”

Uniting Against Divisive Forces

Spreading Islamophobia is not an appropriate response to terrorism

In times of catastrophe, disaster and misfortune, people unite and stand as one. This is true for families; it is true for communities, and it is true for countries. Without a doubt, it is true for the United States of America. The most recent and obvious example of this phenomenon was our reaction to the terrorist attacks that occurred in Paris this November. Our country collectively mourned the loss of over a hundred innocent lives and stood together in solitude against the horrific attacks. We respond in this manner to show that we are still strong and that we are superior to the attackers. Continue reading “Uniting Against Divisive Forces”