The Comedic Truth

Why SNL should continue to parody the Trump administration

“And live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!” yells Melissa McCarthy as she flies off the screen on her podium in her Sean Spicer outfit. A new hit on SNL, Melissa McCarthy effortlessly mocks the performance of the White House Press Secretary. Why does it seem so effortless to successfully make fun of a high ranking politician? Politics can be pretty serious; over 300 million people’s lives depend on the actions of very few. What could these few high ranking, extremely important, professionals be doing week after week that makes the majority Americans laugh harder and harder? Continue reading “The Comedic Truth”


Comedian Bo Burnham Tours for the Fifth Time

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By Gabby Tucciarone

Robert Pickering, otherwise known as Bo Burnham, is a singer-songwriter, poet and renowned comedian. He is known for being provocative and satirical in his work. This past year, he announced his 2015 tour, which is currently in full swing. At almost every place he performs, the shows are practically sold out within seconds. It’s clear that his fans have been very anxious to see him. Continue reading “Comedian Bo Burnham Tours for the Fifth Time”