Born into the Wedding Gown

Artwork by Eli Canter: Childhood marriages cause many problems for the young brides.

A 17-year old girl named Sumbol was forced to choose between marrying her tormentor and becoming a suicide bomber. Another girl, Roshana, was forced into marriage when she was 14 and her husband beat her and tried to feed her rat poison. Sahar Gul, forced into marriage at age 12, was beaten and tortured after she refused to become a prostitute.

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The Point of Protesting

Artwork by Eli Cantor: Many Americans are voicing their discontent with the new President through protests.

In the wake of Trump’s victory, many conservatives have taken to social media to voice their complaints. Remembering how they were told to quietly accept Hillary’s assured win, Trump supporters have been lashing out at Democrats for hypocritically protesting Trump. A post I recently saw condemned liberal crybabies for not being able to accept defeat. Continue reading “The Point of Protesting”