West Side Story Wins Praise from Audience

Photos courtesy of Brooke Smith: Members of the West Side Story cast take a bow after a performance.

People said it was like they were taken out of the seats of the McClain auditorium… and they were right.

From March 2nd through March 4th, a group of talented students, teachers and musicians performed the annual MHS musical. This time, it was the profound West Side Story. Unlike last year’s lively, charming Anything Goes, West Side Story brought in a whole new type of MHS musical –a sense of dark, captivating emotion. This aspect of the show pulled people out of their seats to make them feel as if they were not, in fact, watching a high school performance. Continue reading “West Side Story Wins Praise from Audience”


Athletics or Art? The Struggle of Student Athletes

Artwork by Eli Cantor: Students at MHS have trouble juggling athletics with activities in the arts.

Students at Mamaroneck High School are very fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in a variety of strong and outstanding programs. These programs include sports teams, PACE, band, orchestra, chorus, art, photography… the list goes on. Many students at MHS are active in one of these programs, but those who are involved in two or more have to deal with a demanding schedule. They often have to drop one activity in order to be actively involved in another. Continue reading “Athletics or Art? The Struggle of Student Athletes”