Board of Ed Proposes New Budget

On March 9th, superintendent Dr. Shaps presented his recommended budget for the 2017-2018 school year at the Mamaroneck Board of Education meeting. The recommended budget, which totals $135,277,639, represents an increase of 1.59% from the previous year.

Among many components of the recommended budget, one benefiting the high school is expanded elective pathways. The design, engineering, computer science and culinary arts programs will receive a boost, further improving their respective course sequences. In computer science and OSR, new teachers will be hired to meet growing demand. Continue reading “Board of Ed Proposes New Budget”


Hit The Road, Jack

Apple reveals new iPhone 7, lacking headphone jack

Innovation, just for the sake of innovation, isn’t always beneficial. Forward progress has the potential to improve lives and make difficult tasks easier, but “new” isn’t always better. Take the recent Google Glass or Apple Watch. While wearable tech sounds futuristic and the devices look interesting, both items flopped in the market. There simply isn’t a need for the technology. Continue reading “Hit The Road, Jack”