Cathy Griffin Crosses the Line

A picture speaks a thousand words, or in this case, a thousand threats. In a recent photo shoot, comedian Kathy Griffin posed with a model of the President’s decapitated head. In the past, Griffin has not been one to hide her dislike for Trump, saying on the red carpet that she will not support him and calling him a bully. However, Griffin went too far in her photo shoot . To disagree with someone’s views and share your opinion is one thing, a very common one may I add, but to go out of your way to insinuate and joke about a death threat crosses a line. Whether you support Trump or not, what Griffin did was wrong. Many of Griffin’s defenders have said Trump has done worse, but she should not have stooped to his level. Nobody deserves to see picture of their own mutilated head, regardless how much you dislike them. Continue reading “Cathy Griffin Crosses the Line”


Bill Maher Drops Racial Slur

Over the past weekend, Bill Maher, host of The Bill Maher Show and popular TV personality, has made what most have considered to be a colossal mistake on the 2nd. While talking in an interview with Senator Ben Sasse to promote his new book, The Vanishing American Adult, he dropped a racial slur that many Americans find extremely offensive. To speak the “n-word” anywhere should be frowned upon, but there is another level added to the horror when spoken on live television. Continue reading “Bill Maher Drops Racial Slur”

Spinning Out of Control

The 2016-2017 school year has seen the rise and fall of a plethora of viral feds. Whether it was bottle flipping or the Mannequin Challenge, these trends were remarkably pervasive, yet short-lived. Recently, Mamaroneck High School (and just about every other high school across America) has been bombarded with a relatively recent craze the infamous fidget spinner. Continue reading “Spinning Out of Control”

Memes on Trial

This April, Harvard University withdrew the acceptance offers of 10 incoming freshmen due to their sharing of inappropriate and offensive memes in a facebook group chat for the Harvard class of 2021 students. The memes that sparked the conflict included jokes about the Holocaust, pedophilia, suicide, racism, school shootings, and other gruesome shock-comedy topics. The Harvard admissions office individually contacted the incoming students who posted such memes after other admitted students in the group chat reported the students and sent screenshots to the admissions office. 2,056 students of the 39,506 applicants were accepted into Harvard’s class of 2021, meaning that these students were 10 of the 5.2% students accepted. Continue reading “Memes on Trial”

The Challenge of GPA Calculation

As it stands, Mamaroneck High School uses an unweighted grade-point average (GPA) on a 100-point scale to represent students’ grades for transcripts and class rankings. Unweighted means that there is no distinction given to grades in an Honors or Advanced Placement (AP) course, while a weighted GPA would add points for advanced courses. Although colleges often look past a school’s GPA system, the rankings do factor into valedictorian and salutatorian decisions at the end of senior year. Weighting students’ grades seems like it would even the playing field, but it can complicate things further. Students should be rewarded for taking challenging courses like APs and Honors, but weighting GPAs isn’t the way to do it. Continue reading “The Challenge of GPA Calculation”

Retiring Members of the MHS Community

frasene from linked in

Mr. Frasene

The 2016-2017 school year marks the last at Mamaroneck High School for a very special member of our community. Mr. Frasene has truly embraced his role as Assistant Principal, though he’s so much more than that. Often found amidst the bustling overpass, Mr. Frasene never fails to deliver a warm greeting to each and every student. His light-hearted humor and active involvement match a friendly and familiar face to his title.

Mr. Frasene wears many hats: he works closely with the guidance, physical education, and the fine arts departments, while also managing security and discipline at MHS. Teachers, parents, and students all turn to him for help with a wide variety of problems. Approachable and kind, Mr. Frasene lends a hand to anyone in need and deals effectively with any situations that come his way. David Estrada, ‘17, explains, “Mr. Frasene would always tell me that if I ever needed help with anything just to ask him. During lunch he would always joke around with us.” Whether it is getting to know students, collaborating with teachers, or overseeing classroom activity, Mr. Frasene works tirelessly to ensure that all students benefit immensely from their MHS experience. Sarah Nagin, ‘18, comments, “Mr. Frasene is someone who, from the second I met, I felt like I could always talk to. He understands and appreciates everyone’s point of view.”

Born and raised in White Plains, Mr. Frasene attended Fordham University and originally pursued a career as a corporate accountant. He always felt drawn to teaching, and helped out at a night school for many years. In his mid-thirties, Mr. Frasene decided to pursue his true calling, and begin teaching at a school in the Bronx. Despite its challenges, he continued working there for eleven years, two of which he spent as an administrator. In 2003, Mr. Frasene applied for a job as Assistant Principal at MHS, where he’s been ever since. Mr. Frasene finds working with kids to be “such a pleasure and very gratifying.” He loves the collaborative MHS environment, and appreciates the diversity of our school.

Mr. Frasene sets an example for how members of a community should behave. Ms. Clain, who has worked many years side by side with Mr. Frasene, comments that “he treats everyone he comes into contact with with tremendous dignity, and then models that. So kids see him doing something and they do it themselves.” Mr. Frasene’s respectful and community-oriented demeanor helps the school to run smoothly and inspire others to behave in a similar way.

Outside of school, Mr. Frasene is a man of many interests. His avid passion for opera, building things, and travelling contribute to his well-rounded individualism which makes our school a better place. After a few months of well-deserved travel time, Mr. Frasene plans to take his vast skill set to a non-profit organization where he will help at-risk, inner-city children. MHS will certainly feel a void without him, but the kind-hearted environment he has created and series of high standards he has set will live on for many years. We are immensely grateful to Mr. Frasene for his dedication to MHS the last fourteen years, and we wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

bumbalow pic

Mr. Bumbolow

Technology plays an invaluable role in education at MHS, but its prevalence would not be a possibility without the hard work of Technical Support Specialists, or ITs, such as Mr. Bumbolow, to ensure that all technological endeavours run smoothly. Mr. Bumbolow, who will be leaving MHS this year, has helped teachers to utilize technology such as projectors, computers, and iPads efficiently and effectively. Mr. Bumbolow has also had the vital job of retrieving accidentally deleted files from the MHS server. Without him, there would be some very frustrated teachers and students. Mr. Bumbolow’s diligent efforts extend not only to MHS, but to other schools in the district as well.

Born in Yonkers and raised in Hawthorne, Mr. Bumbolow went on to receive a BA in psychology at Pace University. Since then, he has possessed a plethora of intriguing jobs. He worked at NBC as a Systems Person for 23 years, followed by six years at Scholastic. Before finding his way to MHS, Mr. Bumbolow worked as a substitute teacher for six months, an endeavor that he greatly enjoyed. In 2006, MHS was lucky enough to add Mr. Bumbolow to its faculty. Fond of problem solving and collaborating with the students and faculty, Mr. Bumbolow has been a vital member of the MHS community for the past 11 years.

As an experienced and knowledgeable individual, Mr. Bumbolow would like to leave with students with an important message: “Do not get locked into a major too soon, as you have to see what you truly like.” He encourages students to “be confident in [their] own abilities (but not too much so as to appear snobby) and never doubt [him or herself].”

After bidding MHS goodbye, Mr. Bumbolow plans to work as a substitute teacher again, as well as pursue his passions for photography and history. The MHS community is exceedingly appreciative of Mr. Bumbolow’s toil and devotion to MHS, and we wish him nothing but happiness for the future.

By Samantha Dorf

The Rise of Ziggy Stardust Remembered

On June 6, 1972, Ziggy Stardust was born. In “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars”, arguably the best of David Bowie’s 25 albums, Ziggy Stardust, the androgynous, glamorous, and just overall weird alien was introduced. He was a big part of what drove so many to David Bowie. After the romantic, flowery idealism of 60’s music, 70’s rock introduced a darker, lavish, debauched period of both music and stars, David Bowie being one of the characters at the helm. Ziggy was someone that both all and none could relate to. He represented the very meaning of being an outcast, of not being able to find your place in society, a big theme in that times youth. He characterized this glittery, untouchable character, an alien, who dressed in clothes that weren’t at all in accordance with the traditional view of masculinity, but also weren’t quite feminine. He was bisexual, inspiring a very bicurious generation. He was not afraid to be himself, or so it appeared. Of course, keeping up a flawless character is never easy. David Bowie was said to live on “milk, peppers and cocaine” and weighed just 95 pounds.

And naturally, it wasn’t just the character that attracted people to Bowie. The music was the first of its kind, that of “glam-rock”. It was more about the feeling of the music than the music itself. Even Bowie himself said that he was never an outstandingly good singer, but lucky for him, audiences saw behind that into the emotions of the songs and the lyrics. David Bowie also has some really beautiful lyrics, such as, “Oh no, love! You’re not alone /You’re watching yourself, but you’re too unfair /You got your head all tangled up, but if I could only make you care” from “Rock ‘n Roll Suicide” and “And lady stardust sang his songs/Of darkness and disgrace” from “Lady Stardust” (and those are only examples from “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars”!). The album was one of those rare albums that really captured the feel of the time. The hope and desire for more in “Star”, and the anger and passion of “Rock ‘n Roll Suicide” really give you a look into the early ’70’s. Many songs spoke eloquently about the social and global issues of that time. In “Suffragette City”, Bowie sang about the rise of feminism, and how there was no going back on it now (in a positive way, of course). “Five Years” is about the ending of our planet (eerily foretelling the worries about global warming of today), saying “News guy wept and told us/Earth, was really dying”, and using this to emphasize that life is short, so you have to be impulsive!

My personal favorite on the album is “Starman,” which talks about Bowie’s belief that there is a God out there, and that we do have a plan in life. A lot of songs during this time were steeped in existential crisis, so this provides a refreshing change. It also has a beautiful, sweeping chorus that is easy to sing along to.

This album and the character of Ziggy Stardust really embodied the early seventies, and the fact that weird can be cool, untraditional can be hip, and that the best thing to be is yourself. Continue reading “The Rise of Ziggy Stardust Remembered”

Twin peaks Returns In Triumph

Twin Peaks was one of the most iconic shows of the late 20th century. Running for two seasons in the early 90s, it redefined the boundaries of artistic surrealism in television. David Lynch and Mark Frost, the creators and writers of Twin Peaks, created a beautiful world of mystery and drama, unlike any television show before it. The show was beloved by many, but its original run was sadly cut short. Much of the show’s devoted fanbase craved a resolution to the original run’s open ending, and rumors of the show’s return were constant. The show’s return was finally announced in 2014, and after a long period of casting, filming, and marketing, Twin Peaks: The Return aired on May 21, 2017. Continue reading “Twin peaks Returns In Triumph”

PWR BTTM Bottoms Out

On May 12, 2017, the increasingly popular band PWR BTTM was slated to release their sophomore album, Pagaent. Glowing reviews were already pouring in, from reputable sources such as the New York Times and other publications. Founded by Liv Bruce and Ben Hopkins, the band seemed certain to break out. All of this changed, however, when allegations of sexual assault surfaced online. Continue reading “PWR BTTM Bottoms Out”

College Commencement Speeches

On May 22nd Vice-President Mike Pence was scheduled to give a commencement speech for the graduating class of 2017 of University of Notre Dame. He was a reasonable choice to address the South Bend University, as he was the former governor of Indiana. While his high-ranking position commands a certain amount of authority and credibility, some graduates decided to walk out during his speech as a protest for some of his polarizing views. The students were not disruptive to the ceremony as they walked out quietly and quickly, but this powerful protest still made news headlines. The graduation ceremony is an event that is coveted in the world of higher education, so to walk out during such a momentous time was an act of courage. Continue reading “College Commencement Speeches”

“Smorgasburg” Comes to Mamaroneck High School

On Monday June 5, Mamaroneck High School students were surprised by the presence of food trucks in the senior lot. Students came running out of their classes to get in line for the fries from Fryborg and the fried Oreos and mac and cheese from the 3 Li’l Little BBQ trucks. The same happened on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, with trucks from Mac Truck NYC, Crazy Taco-Mex, Superlicious NYC, Chicken Joes, and Kona Ice pulling into the parking lot. Since banning bake sales in 2014, this was the first time Mamaroneck High School has been allowed to sell food to raise money. Ali James, Vice President of the current sophomore class, proposed this idea as a way to fundraise for future proms and other school events. So far, it has been very successful, raising over $…. in just the first week. The Globe interviewed Ali about the project and goals. Continue reading ““Smorgasburg” Comes to Mamaroneck High School”

The Globe Bids Farewell to Outgoing Editors-in-Chief Renner and Mollin


        The Globe staff of 2016-2017 excelled under the leadership of Emily Renner and Jack Mollin, two of the three Editors-in-Chief for this school year. Their dedication to the paper was shown through their conscientious attitudes and time commitment, both of which made a strong impression on the entire Globe staff. Continue reading “The Globe Bids Farewell to Outgoing Editors-in-Chief Renner and Mollin”

Ms. Cannavo is New Assistant Principal

Next fall, Mamaroneck High School will be welcoming Lina Cannavò as the school’s newest Assistant Principal. She is set to begin the position on July 1, 2017. The decision was announced at the May 3rd Board of Education meeting by Assistant Superintendent Carol Priore, who noted that “the hiring committee was struck by [Ms. Cannavò’s] positive energy and warmth.” Continue reading “Ms. Cannavo is New Assistant Principal”

Gym Renovations Start: Widescale Construction on Locker Rooms and Weight Room

The white barricade walls started popping up in May, with locked, windowless doors reading “KEEP OUT”. Wire fences bearing the same message were erected around parts of the building, and PE classes were relocated entirely. The process of renovation may appear secretive, but in an expedition with the Globe, Project Manager Stephen Brugge shared the inside story behind those construction walls. Continue reading “Gym Renovations Start: Widescale Construction on Locker Rooms and Weight Room”

Second Time Around: The Revival Of Classic Disney Movies

Photo courtesy of Enwikipedia

No matter where you are from, chances are the magical fantasy worlds of Disney movies are some of your earliest childhood memories. From princesses to lovable talking animals, these “classics” are a staple in America’s storytelling culture. They are the epitome of childhood, our first inauguration into the realm of fantasy. Continue reading “Second Time Around: The Revival Of Classic Disney Movies”

DAMN, The Powerful Fourth Album By Kendrick Lamar

Photo courtesy of Rolling Stone

The release of a Kendrick Lamar album is truly a monumental moment in the music world. Over multiple albums, Kendrick Lamar has defined himself as the greatest rapper of his generation, and potentially his generation’s greatest artist. He broke onto the mainstream with 2012’s Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City, a concept album about his childhood, with an overarching theme of his home town, Compton. Continue reading “DAMN, The Powerful Fourth Album By Kendrick Lamar”

Coachella Lights Up The Festival Scene

Photo courtesy of Billboard

Coachella is the premiere music festival in America, boasting an eclectic lineup across a multitude of genres with unique artists that don’t normally tour in festival settings, impeccable organization from the staff, and not to mention the in-your-face culture of being at the festival of the year. This year, headliners included Radiohead, Lady Gaga, and Kendrick Lamar, as well as Lorde, Travis Scott, and Mac Miller. Continue reading “Coachella Lights Up The Festival Scene”