Say Yes to ALL Dresses

A prom dress shouldn’t overshadow the night itself

The second semester of high school is pretty jampacked with all sorts of major events and stress-inducing moments. Although students just barely escaped the clutches of midterms, they now have to worry about bigger things- finals, college, ACT’s and SAT’s, etc. However, there is another major force facing us that seems to be arousing quite a lot of anxiety among upperclassmen: prom. There’s the stress about who you’re going to take, how you may want to “prompose” to someone, and of course, the dreaded picking of what to wear. Continue reading “Say Yes to ALL Dresses”


Why We Need Judge Gorsuch

The case for the conservative court

From the chaos of the new Trump administration, amid court challenges and nose diving approval ratings, an incredibly smart and well-informed nominee has emerged. No, I’m not talking about “Mad Dog” Mattis or even Guns’n Grizzlies Devos. I speak of Judge Neil Gorsuch, Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court. In the name of preserving the rule of law and protecting the Constitution, Democrats should join the Republican majority in Congress and confirm Gorsuch with the full sixty votes. Continue reading “Why We Need Judge Gorsuch”

The Importance of Truth

Why it is essential to fact-check Trump’s statements

Artwork by Eli Canter: Trump has accused many news companies of “fake news.”

A recent tweet from Donald Trump reads, “The so-called angry crowds in home districts of some Republicans are actually, in numerous cases, planned out by liberal activists. Sad!” Even though this is far from the truth, as the majority of the protests are grassroot movements by unpaid citizens, Trump’s message has been accepted by his supporters. This has been a common theme over the last few years. In 140 characters or less, Trump has the ability to influence his legions of followers with the click of a button. Continue reading “The Importance of Truth”

MHS Clubs Give Back to the Community

New organizations provide opportunities to help out

Little Free Libraries is a new club in MHS, founded by sophomores Darcy Tyler, Jane and Emily Hollander, and Anabel Martinez. This club sets up miniature libraries around the community for anyone to access, free of charge. Continue reading “MHS Clubs Give Back to the Community”

MHS Freshman Lilou Bouhier Embarks on a Promising Music Career

Photo courtesy of Lilou Bouhier, who practices guitar and singing 5 hours a day.

Lilou Bouhier, a freshman at Mamaroneck High School, is just like any other high school student, except for her unique musical career, which she embarked on just two years ago. She used singing as a way to escape the stresses of everyday life and as a medium for self-expression. Bouhier claims, “My favorite part of singing is when I get to connect with a piece of music that I’m singing, and really understand it.” Continue reading “MHS Freshman Lilou Bouhier Embarks on a Promising Music Career”

Oscar Season Highlights Greater Diversity in Entertainment Industry

Black History Month’s nationwide mission, since its annual designation by Gerald Ford in 1976, has been to honor and celebrate the achievements of African Americans. Although they have become much more visible in the entertainment landscape since the early 1970s, shows centered around African Americans are still few and far between, as was the case during our country’s bicentennial year, with shows like “Good Times” and “The Jeffersons” being the exception rather than the rule. Continue reading “Oscar Season Highlights Greater Diversity in Entertainment Industry”

OSR Students Recognized at WESEF

Photo courtesy of Mamkschools: OSR Students pose with Mr. Garbarino at a recent competition.

On March 4th, Mamaroneck High School Students from the Original Science Research Program (OSR), presented their work at the Regeneron Westchester Science and Engineering Fair (WESEF). Many MHS students were recognized for their work including Chloe Weiser ‘18 (Second Place, Engineering), Sophia Howard ‘17 (Second Place, Behavioral and Social Sciences), David Hilden ‘18 (Second Place, Medicine and Health), Lauren Barragan ‘17 (Third Place, Behavioral and Social Sciences), Ali Mann ‘17 (Fourth Place, Plant Science and Association for Women Geoscientist Award), Continue reading “OSR Students Recognized at WESEF”

MHS Uncovered: Exploring the Unknown

Walking the halls of MHS, the occasional glimpse into the forbidden corners of the school excites curiosity over the building’s untold story. A series of interviews and expeditions with the accommodating custodial staff revealed insights into the campus’s non-intuitive orientation and the places students never see. Continue reading “MHS Uncovered: Exploring the Unknown”

Bright Future Ahead for Mamaroneck Artists

The college application process is no easy ordeal, looming over students’ heads all throughout high school. The focus on grades, test scores, extracurriculars, essays, and relationships with teachers is almost unbearable for even the best of students. However, imagine on top of all of this having to send a portfolio to colleges and being judged on your creative abilities. We’ve all doodled in our notebooks countless times, but not on a college-level. The application process of a prospective art student is quite different from that of a typical applicant. To learn more, the Globe interviewed two senior artists, Jackie Devore and Mary McMillan, who are both planning to study art at Northeastern University and Skidmore College, respectively. Continue reading “Bright Future Ahead for Mamaroneck Artists”

President Trump Orders Resurrection of the Dakota Access Pipeline

Photo courtesy of Protesters of the pipeline suffered a disheartening blow when Trump recently ordered the construction to continue.

Over the past year, an intense political battle has been waged between Dakota Access, LLC and the Sioux Native American tribe in the Dakotas over the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), a 1,172 mile oil pipeline that would be used to transport almost two million gallons of oil across the country each day. Continue reading “President Trump Orders Resurrection of the Dakota Access Pipeline”

Travel Ban Causes Unrest Among Americans

On January 27th, Donald Trump signed an executive order which has been coined the travel ban. The order terminated all immigration from seven “high risk” countries: Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Yemen and Somalia. These are the only countries affected by the travel ban, meaning that people from these countries are prevented from entering the U.S. This has been a central part of President Trump’s plan for America since he began his Presidential campaign back in 2015. The travel ban has caused mixed feelings around the country. Continue reading “Travel Ban Causes Unrest Among Americans”

The World Reacts to Trump’s Foreign Policy

Photo courtesy of the Daily Dot: Donald Trump smiles for the cameras after delivering a speech.

For the past two months as Donald Trump’s presidency has dominated the American news and the American conscience, the rest of the world has also been unable to drop the news of Trump’s presidency. There have been countries both celebrating and mourning the results of the election since November, and the opinions have only spread and strengthened as the Trump administration has taken its first steps on the world stage. So far, phone call exchanges with Russia, Australia, Mexico and China have stirred both praise and anxiety at home. However, some of the most important reactions to Trump have been overseas, as the rest of the world has become divided by the implications of his administration. Continue reading “The World Reacts to Trump’s Foreign Policy”

Devos Appointment Causes Controversy

Americans express concern about the new Secretary of Education

Photo courtesy of NBC News: Critics of Betsy Devos’ policies are concerned about her confirmation as Secretary of Education. 

By now, most people in our country know of Betsy Devos. She was confirmed as our new Secretary of Education in a historic vote, where the Vice President was needed to break a tie for the first time in United States history. Many people do not support her, as she has never had any experience public schooling and in her senate hearings showed that she does not really know what she is doing. But others feel that she can help all of our public schools through her beliefs in vouchers for school choice and charter schools. Continue reading “Devos Appointment Causes Controversy”

New Shows to Stream this Year

A rundown on the shows that you want to be watching

After a stressful and busy week at school, everyone knows that there’s no better way to unwind and have fun than spending Friday night at home, binge-watching TV alone. Services like Netflix, Amazon and HBO Go have already hit the ground running in 2017, releasing series’ met with critical acclaim. Here are some of the best options for people looking for a new show to watch after finishing Grey’s Anatomy for the fourth time. Continue reading “New Shows to Stream this Year”

Spring Reading Recommendations

What to flip through in the upcoming season

Reading isn’t for everyone. Some people love it, some despise it, and many find themselves somewhere in the middle. Yet, one thing rings true across all three spectrums; it’s never a bad thing to find yourself lost in a good book. That is, if you can find one. Every person is different and has different tastes in literature, so it’s easier to find a good book for some people more than others. However, as impossible as it may seem, it can be done. One of the easiest ways to do so is to base your reading choices off of great books that you’ve already read and enjoyed. Continue reading “Spring Reading Recommendations”

Talking Heads 77 Turns 40

Photo courtesy of NME: The Talking Heads, photo taken backstage at a concert in 1980.

Post-punk is an endlessly fascinating genre of music. Although deemed the style of music that followed the boom of punk rock music in the mid-70’s, post-punk bands existed even before the punk rock explosion. The output of these post-punk pioneers simply could not be placed into a genre, and therefore were only categorized when there was a phrase to claim the style of the bands. One of the most important groups of the post-punk era was The Talking Heads. Continue reading “Talking Heads 77 Turns 40”

XXXTentacion: Up and Coming Star or Dangerous Criminal?

Photo courtesy of XXL Magazine

Florida rapper, born Jahseh D. Onfroy, but more commonly known by the name “XXXTentacion” (pronounced “X-X-X-tentación”), has recently transitioned from Soundcloud obscurity to mainstream, with his up and coming hit “Look at Me!”. “Look at Me!” was released on Soundcloud back in late 2015, but has surged in popularity within the past months when famed rapper, Drake, premiered a new song that many claimed sounded like a rip off of XXXTentacion’s song. Continue reading “XXXTentacion: Up and Coming Star or Dangerous Criminal?”

Hottest Looks From This Year’s New York Fashion Week

From February 9th to the 16th, models clad in this season’s hottest trends studded the runways at New York Fashion Week. Though it only lasts 8 days, NYFW is instrumental in the world of fashion. New beauty trends pop up, and of course, A-listers sit front row to watch it all unfold. Here is a recap of most popular looks at NYFW. Continue reading “Hottest Looks From This Year’s New York Fashion Week”

Hockey Team’s Season Ends in State Semifinals

Photo courtesy of Sandra Wong Geroux: “Tommy Spero ’17 and Chris Watroba ’18 embrace after the loss.”

For some, sports are meaningless; for others, they mean everything. For those who relate to the latter, there is no worse feeling than losing a playoff game in your senior year of high school. For the Mamaroneck Varsity Ice Hockey team, the emotions, much like the stage the game was played on, were amplified. So, when it was over, and Buffalo-based Williamsville North poured onto the ice to celebrate its 1-0 win over the defending state champions, it made sense that players laid motionless, face first on the ice. For many, it was the end of their hockey career. Continue reading “Hockey Team’s Season Ends in State Semifinals”

Brady-Belichick Era Nearing an End?

Photo courtesy of Yahoo Sports: “Tom Brady (left) and Bill Belichick (right) celebrate after winning a game.”

With an amazing run spanning 17 years, nine Super Bowl appearances, and seven Super Bowl rings, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady of the New England Patriots are great contenders for the best coachquarterback duo of all time. The Patriots have been the gold standard in the NFL, but how much longer will they reign? As Brady approaches the age of 40, it is only a matter of time until his performance is expected to deteriorate. Continue reading “Brady-Belichick Era Nearing an End?”