Larchmont Holiday Pop-Up Shop

Love Bella was a local favorite on Palmer Avenue for many years  that mothers of Larchmont enjoyed for its chic clothing, jewelry, bags, and accessories. It was tragically burnt down in the fire on Palmer Avenue in Larchmont in November of 2016 and the space was destroyed. But it is back, and for a limited time only! Owner Ellie Zieminski has opened a holiday pop up shop that will be open until January 6. The store highlights accessories and jewelry, and also features a large selection of sweaters, scarves and other clothing. The shop’s location is 148 Larchmont Avenue and will be open from 10 am to 6 pm Tuesday through Saturday. Continue reading “Larchmont Holiday Pop-Up Shop”


A Year to Remember?

At this time last year, it seemed like things could not get any worse.  The internet was flooded with anti-2016 images, depicting the horrors of the year and how badly people wished for the arrival of January 1, 2017, signifying when “hell year” would finally be over.  It’s about a year later, and here we are again, seeing the same sort of hypochondriacal national philosophy.  And they aren’t wrong.  North Korea threatens destruction in Asia.  Hurricane after hurricane has battered the United States and the Caribbean: first taking Texas, then Florida, then Puerto Rico, leaving behind streets that resemble swimming pools and an entire island in perpetual darkness. Serial killers roam Florida.  11 adults and 12 children were killed in Manchester after a bomb went off at an Ariana Grande concert.  Innocent concert goers were targeted again in October in Las Vegas, when a  gunman killed 59 people.  The list of men that have committed sexual assault is a mile long, chock full of household names that the world has watched on screen for many years.  While the long list of 2017 horrors is stocked with events that contribute to the collective idea that the world is coming to an end, the scariest part is that the perceived steady decline of the world is starting to feel normal.  That philosophy could be the nail in the world’s coffin. Continue reading “A Year to Remember?”

A New Year, A New Resolution

It’s that time of year again. No, not the holiday season. I’m talking about the time of year when we make a list of resolutions for ourselves that we never seem to fulfill. We go into the New Year with our heads held high and our goals in sight. Somehow, these resolutions never seem to stick. So, why is that?

Whether you began this New Year with a resolution of going to the gym every day, going to bed before 11, or getting all of your work done before dinner, chances are you didn’t follow through with it. Maybe you were able to attain your goal for about a week, but by the time December comes around, you find yourself wondering what ever happened to that “ plan” you seemed to have. Continue reading “A New Year, A New Resolution”

Christmas Consumerism

Marketing in America is more aggressive than ever, and it’s especially clear during the highly anticipated holiday season. Big brands relentlessly advertise holiday deals and sales, targeting masses of anxious holiday shoppers. The streets of SoHo are swamped with people hunting for the perfect gift. It’s hard not to fall prey to advertising—the flashy signs and persistent emails—but this holiday season, I urge you not to. Contributing to the overconsumption that big brands promote makes you a part of the industries that praise consumerism, and deplete our resources. Continue reading “Christmas Consumerism”

Free Meek Mill

On Monday, November 13th, hundreds of protesters gathered outside Philadelphia’s Criminal Justice Center to protest the recent ruling against Meek Mill, real name Robert Williams. They held up signs displaying the protest slogan, “#FreeMeek”, and chanted the lyrics to Dreams and Nightmares, the Philly native’s most popular song. Despite support from Jay-Z, the Philadelphia 76ers, and millions of fans across the world, Meek Mill remains behind bars. Continue reading “Free Meek Mill”

A Conservational Paradox

Just weeks ago, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced their intention to reverse the Obama Administration’s 2014 ban on the importation of sport-hunted trophies of elephants from Zimbabwe and Zambia. The “trophy of an elephant” refers to the head or tusk of a killed elephant. The Trump administration received immediate backlash from both sides of the political spectrum, and social media exploded with celebrities and commentators from across the political spectrum, such as Ellen DeGeneres, posting in support of the ban. One day later, on November 17, President Trump announced on Twitter that he was putting the decision to remove the ban on “hold until such time as I review all conservation facts.” To date, no final decision has been issued.

This ban was enacted in order to try and save the endangered species, African elephants, from extinction. According to National Geographic, their numbers have fallen from as many as ten million one hundred years ago to as few as 400 today. This a species on the verge of extinction. Continue reading “A Conservational Paradox”

The Globe Presents: Top 5 Albums of 2017

  1. Saturation I/II– Brockhampton

It’s hard to think of any artist that had a better calendar year than Brockhampton did in 2017. The boy band, composed of six vocalists and 8 background members from south central LA, sent shock waves throughout the popular music scene by releasing ⅔ of their Saturation trilogy,  with the third coming on December 15th. The first two installments of the Saturation trilogy are genre bending and fantastically enjoyable to listen to. From Kevin Abstract’s infectious hooks on songs like Gold, Boys, and Gummy, to Merlyn Wood’s ecstatic verses on Sweet and Bump, to Joba’s angelic vocals on Tokyo and Face, the albums are nothing like this world has seen in a long time. Continue reading “The Globe Presents: Top 5 Albums of 2017”

Top Movies of the Year

“Blade Runner 2049”

It is always difficult to make a sequel, especially when the film is considered the greatest science fiction film ever made. As a fan of the original, I was initially worried about an attempt to recreate the greatness of the original, but director Denis Villeneuve succeeded. With the original’s distinctive style in mind, “2049” crafts a fully realized world for a new story to take place. While it has many connections and ties to the story and characters of the original 1982 film, the sequel could easily be viewed without any knowledge of the first one. If you are prepared for a long, slow and dense movie, you will not be disappointed by “Blade Runner 2049.” Continue reading “Top Movies of the Year”

Movies and Music For the Holiday Season

Starting the day after Halloween, when shops and stores magically become covered in fake snow and holiday decorations, the holiday season acts as a massive cultural phenomenon here in the United States. Thousands of different holiday movies and music albums can be found on a plethora of television channels, radio stations, and streaming services, and can be purchased in hundreds of stores and online. The difficult part about finding any sort of holiday-themed content to enjoy is not finding and accessing the content itself, but deciding what to listen to/watch/read. To help you make the best of the holidays this year (without having to spend hours flipping channels or scrolling through Spotify), here are a few music and movie recommendations for the 2017 holiday season.

Continue reading “Movies and Music For the Holiday Season”

Greek Life’s Place on College Campuses

Greek life at universities is supposed to be a medium in which a group of like-minded individuals can socialize. Fraternities and Sororities are institutions that, at their cores, are harmless. Over the past few years, they have morphed into a multi-faceted problem in which the victim are the people that belong to the organization and those who aren’t. Recently, the University of Michigan suspended all Greek Life to try to control the rampant sexual assault, drug and alcohol induced deaths. The majority of sororities have changed their policies and stayed out of the news headlines for now. On the other hand, fraternities have come under extreme fire. Michigan isn’t the only school that has made the decision to shut down these frats. Florida State shut down all Greek Life after the death of Andrew Coffey, a freshman pledge to Pi Kappa Phi. Penn State and Texas Tech have had similar problems. There is no denying the issue with fraternities right now. Incidents like this have occurred all across the nation, and the time for reform is now. Continue reading “Greek Life’s Place on College Campuses”

Featured Athletes: Harrison Fried and Ali James

As the winter sports season starts at Mamaroneck High School, the Boys’ Hockey and Girls’ Basketball seasons start. It is an exciting time for both of these teams. They both have big expectations for this upcoming season and they think that they can meet and exceed them. We talked to two players that are important for these teams: Harrison Fried and Ali James. They both have great talent and hope to lead their teams to great things this season.
Continue reading “Featured Athletes: Harrison Fried and Ali James”


On Thursday, November 30th, 15 MHS Model Congress students left for Yale University to compete at the 24th annual Yale Model Congress Conference. Over the next few days, students debated topics from cyber security to nuclear weapon protocols. There were over 700 students in attendance, from 34 schools across the nation. One of the club’s presidents, Jordan Steinberg ‘18, said, “It’s a great place for discussion with people coming from all over the country and all types of schools.” The conference was a great way for students to debate important political issues and express their opinions.   Continue reading “MAMARONECK HIGH SCHOOL MODEL CONGRESS DOMINATES AT YALE CONFERENCE”

ACT Assembly Impacts Students

The week before Thanksgiving, the Freshman, Sophomores and Juniors at Mamaroneck High School attended an assembly where they met motivational speaker Kevin Wanzer. Unlike previous assemblies, Mr. Wanzer took a comedic approach to discussing important issues in a school environment, such as reaching out to help peers in need. Kevin Wanzer has 34 years of experience in inspirational speaking and has connected with audiences all over the world with over 4,000 speeches. Through several engaging anecdotes, Kevin spread his message of “finding the funny” in every situation. This can be difficult lesson for high school students to understand, and it left a significant impact on all in attendance. Continue reading “ACT Assembly Impacts Students”