Recapping This Summer’s Greatest Hits

The summer of 2017 was jam-packed with everything from politics to celebrity news. In addition, tons of new music was released over these past few months. Here is some of the new music of Summer 2017: Continue reading “Recapping This Summer’s Greatest Hits”


MHS Prepares for Fall Play

The Fall Play, Sense and Sensibility, opened in October. Set in 19th century England, the play follows Eleanor and Marianne Dashwoods’ journey towards love and marriage. Eleanor is in love with the more reserved Edward. Meanwhile, Marianne initially has an affair with the scandalous Willoughby (played powerfully by Sammy Pignalosa and Grant Tucker, ‘19), but ends up loving her polar opposite, the solemn Colonel Brandon. Callie Zola, ‘18, portrayed the shy, lovable qualities of Eleanor expertly, while Lauren Kroell, ‘18, exposed a confident side to the character not often seen. Marianne Dashwood was played by Abby Lee (‘18) and Lindsey Belisle (‘19). Lee gave the character a more serious side, while Belisle played her with a lovable carefreeness. Continue reading “MHS Prepares for Fall Play”

2018 College Football Playoffs

It’s that time of the year again: when friends become enemies and games become war. College Football has started, and people are now anxiously awaiting to see if their team will rise above the rest or fall under the pressure of the new season. College Football fans, the most dedicated and spirited fans on earth, are hoping that their teams will make it to the final four. Here are my predictions and a preview for the 2017-2018 College Football season. Let the debate begin! Continue reading “2018 College Football Playoffs”

Celtics Trade For Kyrie Irving

In recent NBA news, the ball handling superstar Kyrie Irving has been traded to the Boston Celtics in what some might call, a one sided trade. Since he was the first pick in the 2011 NBA draft, he has been a face for the Cavaliers franchise for many years. On July 11th of 2014, Kyrie was thrown out of the spotlight due to Lebron James’ announcement to leave the Miami Heat. This decision stunned the league but would give Kyrie and the Cavs the opportunity of a lifetime, what LeBron promised from the beginning was to win an NBA Finals. Continue reading “Celtics Trade For Kyrie Irving”

MLB Hunts for October Glory

With the MLB playoffs right around the corner, some teams have ran away with their respective divisions, while others are still in tight races to secure a spot in the postseason. The Dodgers have had the best record in baseball for most of the season and the Indians are getting hot at the right time, so these two teams look to be strong World Series contenders. However, there are multiple other teams that could contend for a title. Here’s an overview of the top World Series contenders (in no particular order): Continue reading “MLB Hunts for October Glory”

MHS Featured Athlete

The Mamaroneck Soccer team over the past few years has carried a reputation

for excellence. Balancing a menacing attack with a solid defense, the Tigers once

again look like a serious threat to win Section 1. After last season’s heartbreaking

defeat in the Section 1 Quarterfinals to eventual state champions, the Tigers have

bounced back strongly, especially after losing many seniors of last year. Continue reading “MHS Featured Athlete”

Fall Sports Preview

Cross Country:

The Cross Country team looks to piggyback off a successful 2016 season. Led by captains Eliana Safer, Jane and Emily Hollander, Ryan Kovacs and Jeremy Mercado, the team looks forward to their competitions. Eliana Safer hopes to return to and dominate at the State tournament, which she competed at last year. Although Cross Country is an individual sport, every member looks to push each other to make the team successful in every facet of what they do. It should be an exciting year for the group.

Continue reading “Fall Sports Preview”

A Sweet New Store Settles in Mamaroneck

The Mamaroneck community is getting a new and trendy addition: a shop called Sweet Charlie’s will open this fall. This chain is fairly new, founded by Kyle Billig in 2015. Though there are many other Sweet Charlie’s’ across the eastern seaboard in places such as Philadelphia and Haddonfield, this will be the first Sweet Charlie’s in New York.

This store will sell the instagram-popularized rolled ice-cream. Rolled ice-cream is made on a plate that is 20 degrees below zero that allows the the liquid ice-cream to crystallize into a frozen flat sheet of ice cream that is then rolled scraped into a cylindrical roll of delicious ice-cream. Not only is this method fun to watch, but it’s actually healthier. This has influenced its instagram fame because any reason to allow people to eat more ice-cream is extremely popular! Due to the cold plate onto which the ice-cream or frozen yogurt is poured, there is no need to use “stabilizers, emulsifiers, and preservatives” a fact that Sweet Charley prides itself in. This eliminates chemicals that many ice cream companies have to incorporate to keep the product frozen.    Continue reading “A Sweet New Store Settles in Mamaroneck”

Ned’s Declassified: Freshmen Edition

Ninth Grade:  It’s the first year of high school, which is the stepping stone to college. This is the time when you’ll be making new friends, meeting people, and taking unfamiliar classes. It’s an exciting year filled with great memories! To help you make the most of it, we’ve listed some tips below: Continue reading “Ned’s Declassified: Freshmen Edition”

Swift’s New Sound Divides Fans

About a month ago, Taylor Swift fans noticed that all of her social media accounts had suddenly been cleared, in anticipation of the release of the first single from her new album, Reputation. It is set to be released later this fall on November 10th. Taylor shocked many with “Look What You Made Me Do” by making a sudden switch from her typical style of music, country pop. Her main music has a more grungy feel with less emphasis on the narratives of her personal life, complete with what fans analyzed as angry feelings about feuds with other celebrities. For anyone wondering how she got there, here is the evolution of Taylor Swift from the release of her first album in 2006: Continue reading “Swift’s New Sound Divides Fans”

Trump’s Tepid Response to Charlottesville

“You had a group on one side that was bad. You had a group on the other side that was also very violent. Nobody wants to say that. I’ll say it right now.” These were the words President Donald Trump chose to describe a violent white supremacist rally that occurred about a month ago in Charlottesville, Virginia. President Trump’s remarks shocked the American Public, many of whom wished the President would outright condemn white supremacism and nazism without beating around the bush. Continue reading “Trump’s Tepid Response to Charlottesville”

The Wealth Advantage in College Admissions

Top universities pride themselves on creating diverse learning environments where students of different races and backgrounds can come together. Over the past few decades, colleges been increasingly more diligent about aiding minority groups, developing affirmative action programs, and creating reliable support systems for all students. However, the college admissions process is still systematically set up so that wealthier applicants and legacies (i.e. children of alumni) are more likely to be accepted into a given school than their peers in the bottom socioeconomic quartile.

For years, colleges have given legacy students preferential treatment during the application process. In fact, it is on average seven times more likely for a legacy to be accepted to a college than an ordinary student. One of the main reasons for this is because alumni donations are the single largest source of revenue (outside of tuition) at most colleges and universities. It also happens that most alumni children tend to be white and from wealthy backgrounds. According to a recent study by the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, only 3% of the undergraduate class at the most prestigious universities are from the bottom income quartile. That means that the majority of students at top colleges are middle class or wealthy. College admission deans argue that legacy ranks will become more diverse over time, but the data thus far has not supported this claim. Continue reading “The Wealth Advantage in College Admissions”

Senior Internships

It’s no secret that senioritis is a plague that Mamaroneck High School just can’t seem to shake. As soon as spring rolls around, the cars in senior lot decrease at a steady pace, and so do the seniors lurking in the hallway. This year however, the scene will be much different because of a new grade-wide policy. This year’s seniors, instead of hanging out in the overpass or library, are now required /to pursue a senior internship of their choice. Continue reading “Senior Internships”

The Perilous Future of Coding

There is a popular narrative that is quickly growing in our society regarding computer science education. Articles like “From Coal To Code: A New Path For Laid-Off Miners In Kentucky” (NPR) and “As Tech Booms, Workers Turn to Coding for Career Change” (NYT) feature new initiatives to train people in computer science, and happy new coders jubilant about getting “six figures, right off the bat.” Even the halls of Mamaroneck High School feature a poster tacked up outside the computer science room emblazoned with Mark Zuckerberg promising we’ll soon be “teaching programming like reading and writing.”

All is not as well as it seems. The push for computer science education and training coming from the Silicon Valley elite is not some humanitarian effort designed to spread the gospel of code to depressed mining towns in Eastern Kentucky; it’s a concentrated effort by the industry to drive wages down from their temporarily high perch and allow even more of the massive profits currently made by technology companies to float towards the top. Continue reading “The Perilous Future of Coding”

Are There Too Many Clubs at MHS?

Mamaroneck High School is known for hosting a multitude of clubs and student-led groups. The administration is constantly touting the diversity of interests represented, and how easy it is to start a new club. However, some students feel this process is being taken advantage of by those who simply want to build their college resumes. Still, the system for creating clubs is perfectly imperfect: if a club isn’t serious, it will most likely fizzle out due to a lack of interested members. Meanwhile, clubs filled with passionate members will thrive in the MHS environment.

MHS has over eighty clubs represented at the semi-annual club fair. The club fair is traditionally in early to mid-October and takes place on the track. Clubs set up booths in order to attract new members; they put out sign up sheets, and often baked goods. If a student writes their information down, they’re “in the club”. In a perfect world, the student will quickly be added to an email chain or facebook group, and the first meeting will be scheduled. The club president will enter the first meeting wanting to hear from their new members, but with a solid plan already in mind. This is the start of a strong, successful club. However, that isn’t always how things work out. Continue reading “Are There Too Many Clubs at MHS?”

Trump Goes After DACA

On September 5th Jeff Sessions announced the Justice Department’s decision to end DACA, a program adopted under the Obama administration that granted undocumented immigrants who came here as children to stay under 2-year work visas. These “dreamers” were brought to the country by their parents and under DACA, had a path to citizenship. This action to end the program is controversial, as it seems that Trump may be beginning to follow up on his radical campaign promises concerning undocumented immigration. Under the repeal of this program, nearly 800,000 people face deportation from the United States. Continue reading “Trump Goes After DACA”


Mamaroneck High School was treated to another thrilling Homecoming and Pep Rally. The Mamaroneck High School traditions took place on September 14-15. The whole school came out to Pep Rally, excited to see their fall teams. The MCs for the event were Noah Wolfson and Lily Epstein, both of which really brought a lot of energy to Pep Rally. The student council worked hard to run the event, and the food trucks that came were an excellent addition to Pep Rally.

The next evening was Homecoming, in which Mamaroneck High School’s football team played against Mount Vernon. The game was packed with Mamaroneck students and alumni, and the atmosphere was buzzing. Senior Tim Sommers scored the first touchdown for Mamaroneck, which put us up 7-0 at halftime. At halftime, the cheerleaders and the Force put on impressive shows, per usual. The game ended 10-2 Mamaroneck, giving Mamaroneck a great morale boost to start the season. Homecoming and Pep Rally are institutions at MHS, and are loved by teachers, students, and alumni alike.

By Sebastian De Lasa