Coachella Lights Up The Festival Scene

Photo courtesy of Billboard

Coachella is the premiere music festival in America, boasting an eclectic lineup across a multitude of genres with unique artists that don’t normally tour in festival settings, impeccable organization from the staff, and not to mention the in-your-face culture of being at the festival of the year. This year, headliners included Radiohead, Lady Gaga, and Kendrick Lamar, as well as Lorde, Travis Scott, and Mac Miller. In terms of electronic music, the acts were spread across primarily the Sahara, Yuma, and the Do Lab stages, with more experimental acts in the Gobi and Mojave tents. The festival was enormous in size, but ran nearly seamlessly due to the way it was organized. The many food and drink offerings available to attendees enhanced the experience so much more, favorites included authentic Peruvian burritos to Chef Driven Poke Bowls and Monster S’mores. The fashion and the vibe of Coachella was also truly unique in that there were many aesthetic considerations to be made in wearing an outfit that will truly fit the desert environment of Indio, California. In addition to fashion and food, Coachella is well known as a star-studded festival. Celebrity sightings included Rihanna, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, model Emily Ratajkowski, and the queen of Coachella herself, Vanessa Hudgens. Coachella is a festival made up of many unique moments that are quite rare in any festival-going experience. Maybe it’s the scorching sun of Indio, or the heavy emphasis on fashion. Or perhaps it is the truly interesting and dynamic lineup that festival organizers brought to the table. Some festivals come and go, as fads rise and die down. But Coachella is the festival, since 1999, that has brought some of the most incredible moments in music history.

By Camryn Cohen


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