Travel Ban Causes Unrest Among Americans

On January 27th, Donald Trump signed an executive order which has been coined the travel ban. The order terminated all immigration from seven “high risk” countries: Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Yemen and Somalia. These are the only countries affected by the travel ban, meaning that people from these countries are prevented from entering the U.S. This has been a central part of President Trump’s plan for America since he began his Presidential campaign back in 2015. The travel ban has caused mixed feelings around the country. Since it has been implemented, there have been protests and feelings of unrest and unhappiness throughout the country. A ruling by a judge from Seattle temporarily blocked the ban, but that decision was appealed. However, a Federal Appeals court panel has re-initiated the freeze on the ban.

The travel ban has caused massive outrage and confusion throughout the United States. People are questioning President Trump’s motives behind the executive order and are nervous about what this means for the future of America. In addition, many schools are starting to get involved in this unrest. Harvard, Yale and Stanford have sued President Trump because of the ban. Even though opposition to the ban is evident, a significant part of the country supports it. This is another example of America being split into two sections because of political beliefs and differences in fundamental values.

The ban is currently frozen, but if in full effect, it would last for 120 days and prevent all refugees and immigrants from the countries on the travel ban list from entering the United States. Also, once the 120 days are up, President Trump will further limit the number of refugees allowed to enter the United States to 50,000 from the 120,000 figure set by President Obama. This executive order has affected many aspects of American society, some would say for the better while some would not.

President Trump has announced that he will not seek to get the injunction overturned. Rather, he has announced he will unveil another ban on immigration in the near future. This is an issue which will not go away quickly or quietly

By Charlie Doern


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