MHS Freshman Lilou Bouhier Embarks on a Promising Music Career

Photo courtesy of Lilou Bouhier, who practices guitar and singing 5 hours a day.

Lilou Bouhier, a freshman at Mamaroneck High School, is just like any other high school student, except for her unique musical career, which she embarked on just two years ago. She used singing as a way to escape the stresses of everyday life and as a medium for self-expression. Bouhier claims, “My favorite part of singing is when I get to connect with a piece of music that I’m singing, and really understand it.”

This past summer, a video of Bouhier singing went viral and she was asked to audition for “La Voix,” the French version of the popular singing show The Voice. She admitted that the most intimidating part of the experience was her blind audition, where the judges sat with their backs facing the other way, evaluating her talent and singing skills without the inherent bias that comes with observing her physical appearance. Fortunately, the judges decided to turn their chairs, signaling her acceptance to the next round. “The audience was filled with thousands of people, cameras were everywhere and the set was beautiful,” according to Bouhier.

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 10.47.41 PM.png
Along with participating in “La Voix,” Bouhier has performed in many concerts- both school and public events.

For her audition, Bouhier sang “Your Song,” by Elton John. She picked this classic because of her admiration for the artist and his ability to convey beautiful stories through his music. After auditioning, Bouhier had the privilege of meeting the judges, who were all very famous singers in France, including Marc Dupré, Isabelle Boulay, Éric Lapointe and Pierre Lapointe. She got to spend a lot of time with the coaches who helped her and the other contestants develop their skills throughout the show.

“La Voix” hasn’t aired yet, but it scheduled to be released on television later this year. Once it does, it is guaranteed to open many doors of opportunity to Bouhier. For now, she spends about five hours a day in the recording studio perfecting her singing skills or writing songs. There’s no doubt that this MHS student is going to be a huge success in the music industry.

By Lizzy Kaplan and Sabrina Seltzer


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