MHS Clubs Give Back to the Community

New organizations provide opportunities to help out

Little Free Libraries is a new club in MHS, founded by sophomores Darcy Tyler, Jane and Emily Hollander, and Anabel Martinez. This club sets up miniature libraries around the community for anyone to access, free of charge.

It has been statistically proven that kids who are exposed to literature before elementary school have a clear advantage when they reach school and show more progress than those who do not read when they are young. Providing free access to books gives everyone an equal opportunity to succeed in school.

The Mamaroneck School District received a grant to build these libraries at the elementary schools, but the club presidents wanted to expand on this program and create libraries in public places, such as dentist offices and laundromats.

Little Free Libraries also holds book drives in order to obtain books to circulate through the libraries. To keep these libraries sustained and full of books, when someone takes out a book, they must replace it with a book that they already own.

This club is hosting their first meeting in March, so it is definitely not too late to join! Members will design themes for these small libraries and then take part in building the libraries themselves. Members can also help with book drives and donate books for others to take out. The club uses google classroom, so if you want to join, email

The Food Pantry Club is another new club at the high school, started by sophomores Lizzy Kaplan, Grayson Liptack and Claire Capaldi. Members of this club meet up twice a month at the local Mamaroneck Food Pantry. The objective is to package food that has already been donated and distribute it to low income families in need.

The food pantry has been around for many years, but the founders wanted to create this club in order to get MHS students directly involved. The great thing about this club is that members can pick when they want to help out, so anyone can join, even if they just want to go once to try it out.

The packaging shifts take place twice a month on Tuesday from 5:00 to 6:15, and if you check out the Food Pantry Club’s Facebook group you can find the shift times for the rest of the year.

By Katherine Lobue


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