Education in Danger

Devos’ lack of experience is troubling

Artwork by Eli Canter: Betsy Devos has claimed that guns in schools will help protect students against grizzly bears.

The future of America relies heavily on our education system. For decades, public schools have provided a relatively accessible form of education. While our education system may be flawed, the elimination of public school is far from the solution.

Every person has flaws, and they are especially pronounced in politicians, whose opinions and actions are always in the spotlight. Betsy Devos, however, has a plethora of them. The appointment of Betsy Devos as education secretary is a travesty considering she has no real experience in schools.

In an attempt to break public school systems, Devos has expressed her desire for educational systems to rely heavily on charter schools. Charter schools are public schools that are privately run and funded by tax payers. While this doesn’t sound so bad, charter schools are notorious for having problems with misuse of funds. Despite being non-profit, many schools are riddled with corruption. Devos also believes that schools should be held entirely responsible for problems that children walk into school with– even including absent fathers and issues that the government certainly cannot fix. How exactly are the schools and their educators expected to address these issues, let alone fix them?

Gun control has been a hot topic in American politics for quite some time, especially when it comes to gun control within our schools. Whether you believe that guns belong in schools or not (which Devos strongly does), Devos cited grizzly bear attacks as a reason that we need guns for protection in schools. Even in the most rural parts of America, this is ridiculous reasoning. Bear attacks within schools haven’t been taking the country by storm. Although I believe that guns have no place in a school to begin with, the argument that we need guns to protect us from bears has absolutely no validity. A reminder–it is 2017. Bears are not running rampant through our infrastructure.

There is currently a bill to eliminate the department of education on December 31, 2018. This is deeply concerning. Trump and his administration are currently pouring money into the expansion of “choice schools” and private schools. There seems to be no room for the public schools we are all familiar with in Devos’s ideal education system. Betsy Devos is more than just someone who many Americans disagree with; she is unqualified to be Secretary of Education and potentially very dangerous to America’s public schools.

By Ava Lee


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