Global Warming De- bate is Heating Up

t’s hard to disagree with someone when they tell you the sky is blue. A quick Internet search can prove it. But what if they told you Planet Earth was melting? That’s a bit harder to see, even though most people know it’s happening. Anyone who does not believe in climate change and other environmental problems is out of touch with reality.

What if the next President of the United States told you climate change was fake? While on the campaign trail throughout 2016, President-Elect Donald Trump’s comment on the issue of climate change as a “hoax perpetrated by the Chinese” was met with bewildered responses. As the next President, Donald Trump has a heavy responsibility to uphold. Millions of eyes will be watching his every move, particularly the steps he takes to reduce the human footprint on the earth. America’s stance on global warming has now been thrown into confusion with his victory.

As one of the countries involved in the Paris agreement on climate change, the United States’ ambitious goals under the Obama Administration could come to a halt due to the election results. The agreement, which was put into effect in November 2016, is a turning point in the goal of reducing global warming. If the United States does decide to pull out of the agreement, then other countries are bound to follow and the problem will never be solved. An exit from the agreement, as a result of the Trump’s plan, will also include an increase in the production of greenhouse gases, rather than a reduction.

As well-educated citizens, we cannot and will not stop our fight trying to fix the planet we have ruined, even if our president tells us that it does not matter. There is too much research proving the detrimental effects humans have on this planet for this issue to be ignored. I, for one, am uncomfortable knowing that the person who is going to be running our nation seems to be so uninformed about the environmental circumstances in our country and the world. Our generation is the one that will have to deal with the repercussions that come out of the next four years, making this a critical time in history. Action needs to be taken soon. I hope that as a country, we will take a step in the right direction.

By Julia Sicklick


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