Facebook Team Responds to Fake News Complaints

Photo courtesy of Mercury News: Mark Zuckerberg responding to critics.

An issue which many readers of online news have recently been facing is the reporting of fake news on social media websites, most notably, Facebook. The website has encountered a lot of criticism for this, especially following the U.S. Presidential election. Over the past few weeks, Facebook has been battling an epidemic of fake news popping up in users’ feed. You might scroll through your Facebook feed and see something that you know cannot be true, but assume it is because it’s on Facebook. Lately Facebook has been swamped with fake news reports that are plaguing the site and deceiving its users.

Facebook is now doing many things to try to combat this fake news. The website is creating a relatively easy way for users to immediately report fake news when they see it. Also, they are using newly formed relationships with fact checking companies to help see which articles are true and which are false. Facebook is very cautious about what articles they are removing because they do not want to be accused of censorship. The fact checking organizations working with Facebook will include ABC News, the Associated Press, PolitiFact, and Snopes.com among others. Using all of their resources, executives of Facebook are working to combat fake news.

Fake news is a bigger issue than most people want to admit. It ‘s everywhere, and not just on Facebook. These fake news stories are made to look convincing. There are even purposely fake news sites like the “Denver Guardian” which look undeniably real, but are actually all fake. Fake news can do things from causing mass panic to swaying election votes by changing people’s opinions of Facebook is just the start. Since Facebook replaced human editors with a complex algorithm that filters news, fake news has sprung up in the trending box. Facebook is doing everything they can do get rid of this fake news issue. They are fact checking and even having their users help out. Fake news as a whole is a larger issue than anyone ever anticipated and it’s just become known because of this scandal regarding Facebook. If it has infiltrated huge companies like Facebook, where else could it be?

By Charlie Doern

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