Andrew Katz Receives Honor for Computer Science Project

Photo courtesy of Mamkschools: Andrew Katz ’17 presents his research.

MHS senior Andrew Katz is not only co-president of the Computer Science Club and a programmer for the FIRST Tech Challenge team, but is now a Regeneron Science Talent Search semifinalist for his project titled ‘Implementation of Active and Passive Defenses on a Raspberry Pi-Based Home Automation Gateway’. Andrew is an outstanding and well known OSR student, and his hard work has recently been recognized on a national level. His project allows users to control home automation devices through a smartphone app he developed. It uses an Internet of Things gateway device to connect to the internet to operate appliances remotely. What is truly amazing about his device is its multiple levels of security, which uses tamper detection to protect it physically, a firewall to protect it internally, and a Globally Unique Identifier as authentication to transport it.

In 2014, as a precursor to his OSR project, Andrew developed another extremely secure device called “Your Home Your Way”. This device allows people to utilize an RFID card to control rooms in their house, each room responding to their favored music, lighting and air scent. Andrew plans to continue inventing innovative automated devices with much needed security features and hopes to change the way we live.

Being a semi-finalist at Regeneron is no easy task. Only 300 students are accepted nationwide, while thousands apply. Regeneron is also the most distinguished high school science competition in the country. Many alumni have continued their studies after the competition, some even winning the Nobel Prize and the National Prize of Science. We look forward to seeing what else Andrew accomplishes and wish him the best of luck going forward!

By Noah Patrick


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