The Case Against Charlie Puth

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A strong statement to start off a very heated article: Charlie Puth is the worst artist of the twenty-first century. There. That isn’t even an opinion; that’s a statement. It’s a fact.

This conclusion was came to about a year ago. Of course, before that, Charlie Puth was entirely irrelevant and no one knew who he was. Then, he came out with that song “See You Again” with Wiz Khalifa that everyone somehow fell in love with. Our question was, ‘Why?’ How could any human in their right mind listen to a song like that and enjoy it? It baffled us.

We decided we could let this one slide; maybe some diehard “Fast and Furious” fans felt really connected to the song, maybe they felt forced to enjoy it. We can’t imagine Paul Walker would’ve been happy with the song written in his memory. He was worth so much more than a song that Puth himself conceded he wrote in eleven minutes. We can’t be the only ones thinking about how utterly offensive and heartless that is. Charlie Puth stated, proudly, that he wrote this song in eleven minutes. Paul Walker died in a tragic car accident and this terrible song, written in less than a quarter of an hour, is supposed to be how he’s remembered? We’re not buying into it. Unfortunately, many people did. “See You Again” smashed the charts and was played on the radio for months after its release, much to our dismay. Not only is it disrespectful to put so little effort into a memorial song, but the fact that it was written in only eleven minutes definitely contributes to how awful the song is.

After this awful song fell from its position on the charts, our immediate reaction was pure relief. Thank God, we were finally rid of this “Charlie Puth” character that we all thought was a one hit wonder. When the song finally stopped playing numerous times per hour on almost every relevant radio station, it was easy for us to forget all about him. After all, the only reason the song got popular in the first place was because of the movie and Wiz Khalifa. Right?

Wrong. So entirely, heartbreakingly, earth-shatteringly, wrong. Charlie Puth came back with the world’s most cliched, earworm-ish song in the entire world. And, on top of all that, it was a collaboration. With Meghan Trainor. Meghan Trainor, the second worst artist of the 21st century. God, help us all.

Hearing “Marvin Gaye” on the radio for the first time was without a doubt the worst day of our entire lives. The melody alone was enough to make one’s skin crawl. But accompanied by lyrics that can only be described in two ways, “cringey” and “simplistic,” it quickly became worse than listening to nails on a chalkboard. “Marvin Gaye” lead us to an epiphany- we realized it is completely understandable for people to believe that “See You Again” is a decent song. That is, when you compare it to all of Charlie Puth’s other songs.

Our hate for Charlie Puth only flourished from this moment on. From seeing him graphically kiss Meghan Trainor on stage during an award show and wanting to projectile vomit to hearing his songs from his new album being played way too often on the radio, the name Charlie Puth quickly became a swear word that you would not dare utter around us.

To sum it up for those who are completely confused, here are the reasons why we hate him. (All of which are clear and well-deserved)—

First things first, his music. It’s objectively terrible. Never will a person be able to come up to one of us and try to convince us otherwise. (Other than “We Don’t Talk Anymore”. Selena Gomez saved that song. Although pretty terrible, it’s lowkey a banger.)

Second of all, his lyrics. They deserve a category of their own. From lines such as “Superman’s got nothing on me” to repeating “We don’t talk anymore” approximately fifty times within the duration of the song, we’re surprised it even took him eleven minutes to write any of those. We’re sure every student at MHS could write better song lyrics off the top of their head. (But who could forget his fire lyrics from “Marvin Gaye”? Just consider the beauty, intricacy, and originality of the line “Let’s Marvin Gaye and get it on”, that totally wasn’t repeated for the entirety of the song.)

Third of all, his features. After sacrificing our ears for the sole purpose of thorough research by listening to some of his other songs, we realized that his two/ three somewhat decent songs have one thing in common. Charlie Puth continually repeats the same unoriginal lyrics over and over again while someone who is featured in the song makes it 1000000000 times better! If you need evidence of this, listen to “Nothing But Trouble” and “We Don’t Talk Anymore.”

Lastly, him. Leaving all music related reasoning behind, Charlie Puth is a bad person. Boasting about writing a song in someone’s honor in eleven minutes? Come on, Charlie. Has he ever done anything that isn’t for publicity? The kiss with Meghan Trainor. Writing a song in Paul Walker’s memory. And, most recently, walking along a beach with Bella Thorne, a person who was still in a relationship at the time of this romantic endeavor. How can he even pretend not to be aware that the person he was involved with was already in a relationship? To conclude, we strongly believe that Charlie Puth is a trash—uh, sorry, bad artist! In all honesty, his singing voice is not terrible and not all of his songs are atrocious. However, the combination of all the factors listed above has spurred in us a deep, dark hatred for Charlie Puth. If you cannot relate to this one bit and for some reason love Charlie Puth, hopefully now you have at least a somewhat different insight.

By Gigi Ciulla and Sydney Rosen


12 thoughts on “The Case Against Charlie Puth

  1. I see how you view Charlie Puth, and I respect your opinion. Let me explain the things you might have misunderstood about Charlie Puth. First off, when people say they enjoy See You Again, it doesn’t mean they are happy about a person’s death, they are simpling saying that they think the tune is catchy and they think it is a great way to honor Paul Walker’s death, the song explains the close bond and friendship and how meaningful the song was, most people describes this as a beautifully written song. I feel like Paul Walker would feel honored by this song, imagine if a close friend made a song about how meaning ful you are to them. Charlie Puth made this song in about 11 minutes because 3 years ago, his friend died in a simillar way Paul Walker did (which is also part of the reason why he wanted to sing this song), and he has been thinking about a song to honor him. Since he felt such a strong connection to this song he could imagine what he would say to his old friend who past away. This was easy for him because he ad experienced what the song was about. Charlie Puth also never meant to brag about making this song really quick, he never meant to say it as he didn’t spent that much time on the song, he only meant that these song lyrics came to him naturally, he said that he imagined what he would text his old friend who past away, since this came to him so easily, he thought it would match perfectly with the song. Instead of thinking of Charlie Puth bragging, think about how musically talanted he is, very few people can make lyrics match with a tune so quick, but he was one of those talented people. I know very well frow watching Charlie Puth interviews that he is definetly NOT heartless, and that is a fact. He was crying the last time i saw hi, sing See You Again. When he was talking about it, I could tell he really trully meant to honor Paul Walker, he was in fact a big fan of him. Its not his fault that the lyrics he thought would match perfectly came right away, this shows how much he actually thought and cared for this song about Paul Walker. Wiz Khalifa is a famous person, but Charlie Puth never really got to show his talent, yet most people did come because it was frm Wiz Khalifa, but then other people started to admire Charlie Puth’s talent. It might be his voice, or his lyrics, or his tune, but we all can agree his voice can go very HIGH PITCHED, and that’s very hard to do, espically for a male, so he got a lot of talent, espically how smooth he can go from high to low. Now hopefully that is cleared up, it took me a while to type that and a hope you can benefit from it(it was also waaayyyy longer than I expected lol). The fact you don’t like Marvin Gaye is totally your opinion. You may think he says the chorus too much, but after all it is the CHORUS, which is meant to be the main verse of the song which gets repeated often. It is also how you interpret it. Since you were thinking that Charlie Puth is a bad person, you probally found all the bad parts of the song easily, if you take time and actually hear it to enjoy it, and not just to see how bad it sounds. I do agree with you, he repeats his chourus a lot, but that’s not the problem, he has a catchy tune and creative lyrics, which is what makes the song a good song. It is very hard to come up with lyrics and tune which match up, if you don’t believe me, you can go ahead and try making a song with sensible lyrics, or try to make new verses for Marvin Gaye. If you really judge songs by how many times the chorus repeated, you won’t really find any songs you could like. Most famous and good songs have repeared chourus, and there is a reason why Charlie Puth hit the top 10. Both Meghan Trainor and Charlie Puth are very hard working people who try their best to pursue their dream in music and make their fans proud, but of couse that’s hard when people are giving them hate. Instead we can look at their good sides, and let’s be honest, if everyone in the world did that, the world would be A MUCH BETTER PLACE. And you can’t judge a person by wherre they kiss, it is completely there choice and they decided to do it there and then, but it had nothing to do with music. I agree Selena Gomez is an awesome singer, but We Don’t Talk Anymore was made up 100% by Charlie Puth, he said he sent the song to Selens Gomez who said she loved it, and that’s when they decided they should do a duet. You said his voice wasn’t a problem. So there was nothing wrong with Charlie Puth in We Don’t Talk Anymore. I’m not sure what to say about the Bella Thorne incident, but friends can walk on the beach right? I watched a lot of Charlie Puth interviews, enough to know he is a good person. I hope you read this because this took AN HOUR to type. Thank you for anyone patient enough to read this, and if you do comment if you agree and disagree and why. I at least want to know that some people read this


    1. I also like to add before you judge a singer, get more of an insight, look at some interviews, articles like these hurt a lot of people, espically when you state them as the worst artist of 21st sentury, you can add your opnion but don’t say stuff like that is a fact, unless you know it is 100% conpletely true and means all what he does.(btw samw peep as the somment before)


  2. This is so offensive to Charlie. He hasn’t done anything wrong to don’t like his songs so what? People like different things. I personally am a Charlie Puth fan and I’m deeply offended by this article.


  3. This is so offensive to Charlie. He hasn’t done anything wrong to don’t like his songs so what? People like different things. I personally am a Charlie Puth fan and I’m deeply offended by this article.


  4. So basically you don’t have a real reason to hate him. You don’t like his songs that’s fine, it is a value judgement not fact. But not liking somoene’s art or whatever doesn’t justify the hate towards them. And I’m not going to correct your statement about see you again because it’s done


  5. I found this article after reading his recent comments about Selena Gomez in Billboard and googling, “Charlie Puth is the worst.”

    Bonus loser points for his social media rant about Bella Thorne, too.


  6. See You Again was written in eleven minutes because he had been poundering over a song for 3 years about his friend, who died, so when Paul Walker died by being struck by a car in college, the song just came out naturally based on his previous experience.


    1. this is really offensive to charlie. it IS an opinion and u should not say that someone who devotes their whole life singing is bad at it. RETHINK THIS!! i like your website tho so yay


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