PACE Students Show Their Talent in This Year’s Soundscapes Performance

Photo courtesy of Rosa Sofia Kaminski: A group performs during Soundscapes.

Soundscapes is an annual PACE show in which music is the sole focus. Students can play musical instruments or sing. It’s a great way to showcase all of the raw musical talent found at MHS away from the theater.

There are two shows, A and B, and they each have their respective show dates. This year, the shows were on 12/15, 12/16, 12/19, and 12/20.

If you were lucky enough to snag a ticket, this one-of-a-kind show definitely wowed. Pieces included covers of current songs, or original songs written by peers. Preparation started about a month-and-a-half in advance, with music group rehearsals around once a week. Music groups usually had around 3-4 students and a variety of instruments including guitar, piano, and of course, singing.

PACE students of all ages were eligible to participate, and the groups contained a diverse mix of grades.“I was in both show A and show B, which really allowed me to see both sides of this production. My cast could not have been friendlier, more talented people,” says Rosa Sofia Kaminski ‘19. Sophomore Kerr Rudge reflects on his experience by saying “I think that it is a great experience to be in soundscapes, and it took an incredible amount of work for it to be as good as it was.”

Not only did the students put in a lot of work to make the show happen, but so did the PACE music teacher, Mr. Derby. He “worked long hours each day to work with directors, made scheduling changes, set up the stage, and worked on lighting and sounds. Without him, the show wouldn’t happen…” says Kerr.

This incredible production is fully due to the hard work of the students and teachers who make this show such a success every year. Thanks to them, we can all enjoy this fantastic PACE performance.

By Julia Shapiro

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