MHS Students Make MLK Assembly One to Remember

Photo by Jack Mollin

The Martin Luther King Jr. Assembly is one of the highlights of the year for MHS students, and this year’s show completely fulfilled that standard. There were excellent performances from dozens of MHS students and groups, such as the Force, Krazii Krew, Tap Team, and plenty of others. There were riveting speeches given, powerfully echoing the words of MLK. It was definitely a show to remember, carrying on the legacy of excellent MLK.

The Force was one of the best acts in the show. Their renditions of “Fade” and “Don’t You Want Me,” were some of their best boomwhacker performances to date. There were then two Coldplay covers, the first of which came from a local band of students playing “Yellow.” It was an outstanding performance. The other Coldplay cover was done by Funkapella. Their version of “Viva La Vida” was riveting, featuring many excellent solos.

There were also some amazing solo artists, such as Emily Morris, ’17. It was her fourth year participating in the show. All in all, the musical acts this year were of the highest quality. There were plenty of dance acts as well, including Krazii Krew, Step Team, and Tap Team. All were brilliant, with plenty of original and creative dances, to a variety of different songs. Their performances were definite highlights.

The MLK performance continues to be one of the best assemblies at MHS, due to how well it showcases the talent of our students. As long as the acts remain at such an excellent level, the MLK assembly will be completely enjoyable in the years to come.

By Sebastian de Lasa

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