FBLA State President Sophia Danziger Rings Closing Bell at New York Stock Exchange

Photo courtesy of Alyssa Ringler Photography: FLBA officers ring closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange. 

On Friday, January 13th, FBLA State President and National Eastern Regional Vice President Sophia Danziger ’17 rang the closing bell for the New York Stock Exchange. This was a huge honor for not only Danziger, but for the entire FBLA organization.

This year marks the 75th anniversary of FBLA-PBL, the national FBLA organization. In honor of this anniversary, each FBLA officer finds different ways to publicize and spread the word about the organization. When Danziger was presented with this task, she chose to focus her efforts on the economy, specifically with the New York Stock Exchange.

At first, Danziger had her doubts. She explains, “I know it’s a huge honor to ring the New York Stock Exchange Bell. Wholeheartedly, I did not think it was possible for our organization to be able to do this, but I thought that it doesn’t hurt to try.” The difficulty of obtaining this opportunity did not deter Danziger; instead, it fueled her desire to make this far-fetched idea a reality.

Danziger took matters into her own hands by doing extensive research and finding useful contacts. Beginning in August, Danziger reached out and was eventually put in contact with the event and marketing committee at the New York Stock Exchange. This process took her almost half a year, and she was finally granted this opportunity in mid-January.

The honor of ringing the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange is normally given to publicly listed organizations. When gaps or cancellations occur, this task is offered to worthy causes and organizations such as FBLA. When Danziger first found out that she would be representing FBLA by ringing the closing bell, she was ecstatic. “I was in shock and disbelief that all my hard work had paid off,” she explains.

When choosing who to bring to this event, Danziger believed that “the most appropriate way to highlight FBLA was through state officers.” She invited the New York State Officer Team, along with the National CEO and President of FBLA Jean Buckley. She was also accompanied by her family, the Mamaroneck FBLA Chapter CoPresidents Marie-Amelie Morange ’17 and Lauren Pogostin ‘17, and the Mamaroneck Chapter Advisor, Ms. Siciliano.

When reflecting on the event, Danizger explains “I am still in disbelief that our organization was given the opportunity [to ring the closing bell]. Not everyday do young business leaders get the chance to stand on a platform that is usually filled with CEO’s from very successful companies. The one lesson I learned from this amazing experience is [that]… if you try hard and never give up, the possibilities are endless.”

By Emily Renner


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