The Simpsons Hits 600 Episodes

Photo courtesy of Engadget: Ground-breaking comedy show makes history with 600th airing.

On Sunday, October 16, the 600th episode of “The Simpsons” aired, titled “Treehouse of Horror XXVII.” The episode is only the second scripted prime-time American TV show to reach 600 episodes.

“It’s really astounding,” said Al Jean, a long-time executive producer of the show. “I never dreamed we’d be at this point.”

However, reaching 600 episodes was not the only milestone that “The Simpsons” has achieved. The annual Halloween episode kicked off with a virtual reality couch gag, powered by Google Cardboard, making it the first TV show to feature virtual reality. The segment, called “Planet of the Couches”, was a parody of “Planet of the Apes” and was followed by three other movie spoofs.

The episode also marked the return of Frank Grimes. Grimes had not appeared since his death in the season eight episode “Homer’s Enemy,” but returned as a ghost for the milestone to team up with Sideshow Bob, and even alluded to the length of the show in a satirical fashion.

For fans who missed any of the 600 episodes, FXX will be running a marathon of every episode ever, starting at noon on Nov. 24, and ending on Dec. 6. In total, the marathon will last about 300 hours.

“The Simpsons” will not break the record for the longest scripted prime-time American TV show of all time until sometime in 2018 when episode 16 of season 29 airs, but with the show’s continuing success, it is expected to reach and surpass that milestone and hold the record for years to come.

By Jack Kingsey


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