The Best of Brooklyn: Bushwick

Arts & Leisure Staff Explores Local Scene

Brooklyn has become the high temple of hipsters. And one of the coolest places in Brooklyn is Bushwick. The walls are covered with graffiti; cool restaurants and awesome art exhibitions line the streets, and trucks with different exhibits in them drive up and down the avenue. There’s everything from big fish and different types of animals, to random scribbles, to cartoon figures spray painted on those walls. Residents even give tours of the graffiti! The colors are bright and vibrant, nearly exploding off the wall, from political art to pop culture art.

And that’s only a sliver of the art scene. There are also many different small museums and galleries. Most artists occupy one gallery room. In a big series of rooms, you can go in and see 15 different types of art. We saw one where the artist painted on different pieces of glass, then layered them to create a 3D effect. Another piece was made up of modern objects painted in an old fashioned, middle-agey way.

We were also lucky enough to visit the studio of two artists, and learn exclusively about their next project. Chris and Patrick Klapper are a young, married couple. They work together on their art. Presently, they are making a plastic container that is a replica of a shipping box, and projecting a video of the ocean into its parameters, along with sound effects, thereby giving a view of “nature contained.” As you stroll along the street, another interesting phenomenon is the trucks rolling up and down the road. Shaped like ice cream trucks, they have different displays inside them. For example, one truck contains vintage clothes. Tourists from all around the world come to Bushwick to buy old-style leather jackets and denim pieces.

In addition, we saw another truck with different types of plants. This phenomenon is completely new and modern–definitely a must-see in Bushwick.

Buchwick is not exactly a cheap neighborhood, so be sure to bring some cash. A word of advice before you take a train to Grand Central, switch to line 4, 5, or 6 and then hop on the L or the J; don’t go alone and don’t go at night. Bushwick is fiercely artistic, but don’t let that intimidate you. It’s a cool scene with something for everyone.

By Rosa Sofia Kaminski and Julia Shapiro


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