Teachers Celebrate “No Shave November”

Photos by Rachel Steinberger

“No Shave November” is the month long journey when men and women refrain from shaving or grooming. The idea started as a joke in Australia, finding its way to the U.S., where it grew into a purposeful tradition. It became the symbol of prostate cancer, similar to how the pink ribbon stands for breast cancer. The aim is to raise money and awareness for cancer by encouraging all participants to donate the money they would otherwise have spent on grooming products to a cancer fund. We decided to interview several of Mamaroneck High School’s teachers who may or may not have joined in on the trend.

One teacher who participates in “No Shave November” is Mr. Alonge, though he prefers Octobeard. He has been a part of this tradition since he was in middle school. Mr. Alonge has experimented with both a goatee and lumberjack beard. His longest beard was a length of two inches, and at that point he recommends beard oil as it “helps keep your face moisturized and your beard nice and soft.”

Another participating teacher is Mr. Lindeman. He loves the idea and charitable cause, but is worried his beard would get too out of hand if he kept it growing for the entire month. He started growing a mustache at the beginning of college, which has now turned into a full-grown beard. It has never exceeded a half an inch. One grooming tip he would recommend would be to go to a professional barber every other week.

On the other side, Mr. Greene has never participated, as “clean shaven is [his] thing”. He used to work in a catholic school where facial hair was strictly forbidden, and “No Shave November” was very controversial. Some people wanted to participate but were not allowed. Nonetheless, Mr. Greene supports the idea. He has seen his brother go through the process a few times, although he does not believe he can rock a beard.

So, this November you can join some of your teachers in NOT shaving throughout the entire month!

By Sabrina Seltzer and Sarah Larsen


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