Samsung Recalls Combustible Galaxy Note Seven

Photo courtesy of CNN: The Galaxy Note 7 has spontaneously combusted in some cases.

For most students at Mamaroneck High School, one of the most important components of their laptop or mobile device is its battery. “It’s a hindrance to my schoolwork,” says Josh Nidus ’19, who has been experiencing issues with the battery life of his schoolissued iPad. He adds, “Most of my classes require the use of my iPad for work every day, but since my battery isn’t working, I’m unable to use it.”

Low battery life is a common problem for most tablet and smartphone users; yet for owners of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7, “battery issues” has taken on a whole new meaning.

Since its release on Aug. 19, the Galaxy note has caused users around the worl to report the spoutaneous combustion of their smartphones. At least 92 incidents were reported since the product’s recall on Sept. 15, with multiple reports of burns and property damage as a result.

However, with about 2.5 million phones sold, the odds of any particular Galaxy Note bursting into flames are about 27,000 to one. Regardless, even the smallest chance of a hazard is enough to warrant concern.

A school building such as Mamaroneck High School would be an especially dangerous environment for a smartphone to suddenly ignite, and some students and faculty members believe that the Galaxy Note 7 should be kept out of the classroom.

“In a chemistry lab, you’re working with materials that are flammable,” says Mr. Porzio, a chemistry teacher at MHS. “If you’re using a phone that could burst into flames at any time, that could create an extremely dangerous situation.”

Outside of school, one of the most significant concerns about these devices is that they could start fires on airplanes, where a fire or explosion could put the lives of all of the passengers and crew at risk. Because of this, the Federal Aviation Administration has issued a strong warning to all owners of the Note 7, advising that the phones be powered off and not used or charged for the duration of the flight.

For owners of the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung initially offered replacements for the recalled phones, but has since ceased production and sale of the Note 7 entirely, allowing customers to return them for credit toward the purchase of other Samsung devices.

The disaster of the Note 7’s release has caused Samsung’s stock to plummet, with the largest drop reaching 8% on Oct. 11. The tech giant is looking to move past this failure and focus on their next flagship device, the Galaxy S8, which is set to release in early 2017.

By Caleb Arzt


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