Kim Kardashian Scandal: Reality or Publicity Stunt?

Photo courtesy of Daily Mail

Kim Kardashian has always been one to turn heads. Her flamboyant and provocative style has captured the attention of the international paparazzi for the past decade. Yet, for several weeks now, Kardashian has hidden under several layers of clothing and covered her face with a baseball cap and hood combo. Not only has Kim changed in her public appearance, but her absence on social media have left fans asking the unavoidable question: what really happened the morning of October third?

Kim Kardashian was staying at a celebrity-oriented hotel in Paris, France for Fashion Week. At around two in the morning, it was reported that five people barged into her hotel room, where she was alone without any bodyguards or family. The robbers forcefully threw her into a bathtub, bound her hands, and locked her in the bathroom. After stealing millions of dollars worth of jewelry, the people left around 45 minutes later. Kim was not physically harmed, but mentally, she will never be the same…

Some people view this incident as another publicity stunt to gain more fame and attention. As stated in an opinionated story from the New York Post, one commentator said, “It’s all bogus. I hope she goes to jail.” Many are disbelieving of Kim’s story, and say that “as the biggest ‘reality’ star of the past two decades, Kim Kardashian has been famous for her ability to control her own reality.” Although Kim Kardashian has been recorded in the past as creating fictional stories to create interest and fame, in this case, it is remarkably different. It is horrific that people are using Kim’s suffering against her in this tragic time in her life.

It has been clear that over the past few weeks, Kim has been off the radar in all aspects of her social media. Since October second, her once constantly buzzing Instagram posts have been nonexistent. Before the robbery, Kim would have never missed an opportunity to celebrate and flaunt her extravagant and exciting birthday. This year, she was radio silent, not mentioning anything about her day. This sudden change in her social media life supports the idea that Kim’s robbery was not a fictional story, but a terrifying event that has haunted her since.

Before the robbery, Kim would wear revealing and cutting-edge clothing, leaving many fans jealous and in awe of her incredible style. However, now she walks around with sweatpants, a sweatshirt, and her hood up covering her face. She clutches her children in fear of another attack. Not only has Kim’s style changed, but it has translated upon her children. North used to wear the cutest dresses of the latest fashion trends, and is now seen glued to her mother’s side in all black attire. The entire Kardashian family is shaken up, shown through their style and demeanor. If this attack was just another story, would they be in this much public distress?

Overall, Kim and her family have clearly been anxious and troubled by the robbery Kim was put through. While some people still express their doubt regarding Kardashian’s claims, we can be quite sure of the truth in her story. Based on her clothing, absence in social media, and her mannerisms caught on camera, that Kim has been suffering through the aftermath of an unforgettable event, that is too frightening to be a work of fiction.

By Sarah Larsen and Annabel Summo


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