Hyped for New Season

Photo courtesy of Mr. Carver: Members of the Mamaroneck Varsity Boys’ Basketball team pictured at Albright College this summer.

As we venture into the beginning of the winter season for Mamaroneck Varsity sports, there is one team that is going under the radar. The Mamaroneck Basketball team looks to make some noise in their league, evident in their constant preparation throughout the summer and fall. The team will soon take the court and has been working together for quite some time. They hope to use their hard work to provide early results. James Manetta ‘18 describes the team as a tight-knit group. He stated that “We are a team who has been playing together for a while now. We’ve been playing together all throughout the spring, summer, and fall. We will grow as a team every practice and every time we step on the floor.” The team will rely on athletes from multiple grades to give them production and help them build upon their successes from last season. Time together will certainly help supply the team with an identity that can carry over into game play.

For Mamaroneck Basketball to succeed this season, the team must rely on each other to defend, rebound and score effectively. When asked what the keys to success for this upcoming season are, Manetta said, “The biggest key for our team’s success this year is making sure each and every player is on the same page and willing to put in work. We need to be mentally and physically locked into every single game. We have a core 5 returning from last year’s varsity team. We know each player’s skillset and we know what our strengths and weaknesses are as a team.” It is the continuity developed from last year that will help propel the basketball team to the next level. The hope is that all the time put in during the offseason can catapult the team into long term success this season. If the team can play together, and lock into each game, the Tigers have a chance to do something big with this year’s squad.

By Jeremy Hoffner


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