Building Better Scientists

Photo by Rachel Steinberger: Mr. Garbarino teaches the OSR program at Mamaroneck High School.

As many freshman students begin their early morning routine of getting to school at seven o’clock, they will soon realize that OSR is not for the faint of heart. These freshmen will have to quickly master the arts of time management and problem solving in order to thrive in OSR.

Original   Science Research (OSR) is an elective for 10-12th graders designed to teach students about the scientific research process and have them conduct their own research But, in order to become a part of it, students must begin by spending two mornings a week their freshman year learning about the basics of scientific research.

In these early morning sessions, they will gain background knowledge in a variety of topics. For most OSR veterans, like Jack Jamieson ‘17, who currently studies the effects of electrical stimulation on rats, their first impression of OSR was that is was “quite challenging.”

The MHS OSR program, created in the late 1980’s, has benefitted students in many different ways. According to OSR teacher Mr. Garbarino, the OSR program allows “kids to study something they love, but also gain a set of transferable skills that they can use in college no matter what they study.”

Students get involved in the OSR program for many reasons. Some students, like Jamieson got involved to pursue their interest in science and continue learning new things. Others, like Sophia Howard ’17, who studies infectious diseases, originally got involved because threy heard about the program from friends and family.

No matter the reason, many students have been greatly impacted by this incredible program. As said by Howard, OSR “has stimulated my passion for science. My participation in OSR has confirmed my desire to pursue science in the future, continuing to study mathematics and science in college and continuing to research.”

By Lizzy Kaplan and Grayson Liptack


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