Behind the Scenes of MHS Info

Every morning at 9:48, the student body tunes in to watch the jokes, segments and news that is MHS Info. It is part of our daily routine, yet almost no one knows what goes on behind the scenes. The video teacher Mrs. Dombroff and her 17 juniors and seniors take full credit for the production of info each morning.

With a variety of different positions, every student who participates in Info has their own job for each episode. With three camera men, two anchors, one director, two studio producers, two audio, someone in charge of graphics, someone doing roll ins and one at the teleprompter, it is obvious that this production is a joint effort.

At the beginning of each week, Mrs. Dombroff assigns news stories to different students in order to show what is going on in the world. The students look up recent news stories as well as find out information about upcoming events, club meetings, and information from around school. Mrs. Dombroff then puts the script together for that morning and gives it to the students as soon as they come in. The students go through a rehearsal and then tape it for the entire school to see.

In addition, students are also given the opportunity to come up with their own pitches. Jack Mollin ’17 says, “Before every block day, we come up with a pitch with a partner. Then we show it to Ms. Dombroff, and she usually approves it. During the block days, we go around the school and film our segments. We usually take about two weeks to edit the segments, and then it gets put on the show.”

Some of the most popular segments on MHS are the funny pieces. From the Kanye West Interview to Teachers Read Mean Tweets, the students brainstorm and come up with many creative segments that they think the student body will enjoy.

With MHS Info’s undeniable popularity around the school, there is a list of criteria necessary for being a part of this production. Mollin explains, “You can become a part of MHS Info by taking video for two years and by going through an interview process. You have to get selected for it, so not everybody that wants to take [the class] will automatically get it.”

Next time you tune into Info, you’ll have all the information necessary to know what happens behind the scenes.

By Sam Master


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