Aroma: Same Place, New Face

This past fall Aroma, a community coffee hot-spot, was rebranded and rebooted by new owners Michael and Deb Contopoulos. The couple saw an opportunity to acquire the equipment and space previously owned and operated by Aroma, making the transition to their company, Sunshine, much smoother. While Sunshine is in the process of renovation and rebirth, the new owners do want to keep the quality of the coffee the same. Another aspect that kept Aroma in business was John Minotti, Aroma’s manager and main barista. “John made everyone feel welcome and created an environment where people had something to look forward to in the morning (besides the coffee); and that is something we hope to grow in the transition” Deb said confidently. Sunshine will undergo a large renovation in the coming months to update the space and create a more user friendly environment.

There will be wi-fi and more outlets to charge with. “We want to create a place where everyone is welcome,” Deb gushed. The pair has hopes to create a space where local artists can display their work and eventually have local talent perform extending their hours on weekends to accommodate performances. “Our hope is that it can become a local hangout not only for adults but also teenagers.”

Aroma is located at 1932 Palmer Ave in Lachmont and

By Camryn Cohen


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