Music Students Earn All-State Honors

Photo courtesy of Mamkschools: Mamaroneck High School’s All-State musicians gather for a photo

This year will set a new record in The Mamaroneck School District for the most students chosen to perform at the All-State Music Festival. It will take place in Rochester from Dec 1 to Dec 4. Twelve students were accepted, however only eight will perform at the festival. To go along with this great accomplishment, Mamaroneck is also sending 34 students to perform in the Area All-State Festival scheduled for November 10, 2016 at SUNY Purchase.

“The number of students selected to perform in these festivals this year is testament to the exceptionally hard work our students put in and to the talent that we have here in Mamaroneck,” said Coordinator of K-12 Music Dina Madden. “We’re so proud of what our music students accomplish.”

The student’s musical ability is rated at the New York School Music Association Solo Festival, and then the rating is used to determine whether they are placed in AllState or Area All-State. All High School students in New York have the ability to be AllState, while Area All-State is only open to students in Westchester County. Band, chorus and orchestra students can all be selected to participate.

This year’s AllState acceptances include: Jared Berger, Instrumental Jazz – trumpet; Skyler Lesser-Roy, Mixed Chorus – soprano; Will Fishell, Instrumental Jazz – trumpet; Carly Levin-Santalone, Women’s Chorus – soprano; Will Fishell, Wind Ensemble – trumpet; Ian Melamed, Alternate – cello; Ties Jansen, Mixed Chorus – tenor; Spencer Robinson, String Orchestra – double bass; Lucie Le Blanc, Alternate – cello; Benny Rosenzweig, Instrumental Jazz – tenor sax; Skyler Lesser-Roy, Alternate – violin, and Molly Sloane, Women’s Chorus – alto.

Students accepted into the Westchester County Area All-State Festival include: Michayla Baigel, Patricia Ballard, Lauren Barragan, Jared Berger, Alex Birger, Natalie Bunta, Will Fishell, Hannah George, Haruki Gonai, Rosa-Sofia Kaminski, Lucie Le Blanc, Kyle Lefler, Skyler Lesser-Roy, Evan Macaluso, Grace Maffucci, Rebecca Mancuso, Max McLoughlin, Ian Melamed, Samuel Morton, Joshua Nidus, Seamus O’Brien, Sofia Pantigoso, Victoria Revich, Spencer Robinson, Leah Roffman, Atoosa Scheuer, Kevin Shen, Julia Shen, Molly Sloane, Julianne Stowell, Chase Thede, Grant Tucker, and Darcy Tyler, Hayley Weisstuch.

Congratulations to all students that were chosen for these esteemed awards.

By Owen Zucker


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