Time to Trump the Establishment

America is not what it used to be. Manufacturing jobs are being lost overseas, radical Islamist terrorism is threatening our way of life and violent crime is rising in our cities. To combat these issues, we can’t look to Washington and its corrupt politicians. Instead, we must look to an outsider who has had proven success in business and is ready to use his expertise to help Make America Great Again. We need Donald Trump as our next President.

First and foremost, we need Trump because he will make America safe. Instead of raising the amount of Syrian refugees we take in by 550%— one of many of Hillary Clinton’s reckless ideas— he will impose extreme vetting on immigrants from nations compromised by terrorism. This will ensure that dangerous terrorists don’t sneak into our country.

He will also secure our borders, building a wall on America’s southern boundary and only allowing immigrants to come in legally. This would boost America economically, since legal immigrants would pay taxes and illegal laborers wouldn’t depress wages.

Under President Trump, the economy would also grow because he would bring back manufacturing jobs. Factory work has long sustained the middle-class backbone of our nation, which Trump recognizes is in danger. As a country, we would pull out of devastating free-trade deals like NAFTA, which are a zero-sum game: Mexico has benefited while US workers have been left in the dust.

Along with disappearing jobs, our economy has also suffered because of burdensome taxes and regulations. President Obama, under the false mandate of environmental protection, has waged a war on coal, turning Appalachia into one of the poorest regions in the country. Meanwhile, taxes on the rich have disincentivized the creation of wealth. Under Trump, America would return to the age of Reaganomics, when reduced taxes resulted in huge economic growth.

Trump has also promised to invest twice the $275 billion that Hillary Clinton claimed she will put into infrastructure spending. Through the selling of bonds, he will raise money that will fix our crumbling bridges and put millions of Americans to work. It can also be said that Trump’s willingness to spend on infrastructure, a traditionally Democratic ideal, shows that he is a more bipartisan candidate than Clinton.

Part of the reason this is the case is because Trump is not a career politician, caught in a tangled web of loyalty to donors and his party. While Clinton is beholden to special interests, telling donors one thing in private speeches and the public another, Trump will do whatever is necessary to improve America.

Clinton’s mixed loyalties become an even larger issue when considering how corrupt she is. Emails released by WikiLeaks have revealed that she helped foreign nations that donated to the Clinton Foundation during her reign as Secretary of State, raising serious concern that she will be a President-for-hire. Critics say, without much evidence, that Trump is in Putin’s pocket, but with Hillary Clinton that may actually be the case.

So, when choosing which candidate to support, don’t listen to the lies the media is making up about Trump. Instead, listen to the stances that will actually help America. Listen to how Trump isn’t worried about keeping up foreign relations through trade deals and alliances, but is committed to making sure that every international deal helps our country. Listen to how Trump isn’t worried about making everyone happy with political correctness, but is willing to say what needs to be said in order to move our country forward. Listen to how he will appoint conservative justices to the Supreme Court, ensuring that liberal justices don’t ruin the 2nd Amendment. Once you do, you will realize that he is the only candidate that will once again make America great.

By Staff Reporter


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