The Case for Clinton

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is the most qualified, stable and compassionate candidate in this presidential election. I am absolutely with her. But, more importantly: she is with us.

Her advocacy and political involvement knows no bounds. After graduating at the top of her class at Yale Law School, Clinton began fighting for women and children alike at the Children’s Defense Fund, a nonprofit organization providing a voice for children, with special attention provided to the intellectually disabled, children of color and impoverished youth. Her work at the organization led to federal legislation guaranteeing access to public school for children with disabilities. In becoming the first female New York State Senator in 2000, she championed the Paycheck Fairness Act and sponsored the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act to continue the fight in closing the wage gap so that women can earn equal pay. After 9/11, she secured $20 billion to rebuild downtown Manhattan and fought feverishly to provide healthcare to responders sick from working at Ground Zero. Despite her “hawkish” portrayal, as Secretary of State, Clinton negotiated a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas that temporarily ended longstanding violence in Israel, averted war and protected security.

Clinton’s record in the Senate, as an attorney, and in the White House has been indisputably effective, and without her hard work, the United States wouldn’t be as progressive as it is today. However, she knows there is more to be done, much more, in fact. With a proven record of working across parties to achieve her agenda, Clinton’s moderate policies and specific agenda show promise for the coming years. At the forefront of her campaign is to reform tax codes, strengthen the middle class, and bolster trade and globalization.

On November 8, many Americans will get the opportunity to voice their opinion on what has been an exhausting election cycle. To say the least, this campaign season has been an avalanche of insults, hateful rhetoric and controversy. With what has been covered in the media especially, it is easy to get lost about what the candidates’ plans actually are. For Clinton in particular, her successful political past has been drowned out in the cries of, “Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi!”, email scandals, an allegedly corrupt Clinton foundation and most infamously “lock her up.”

Arguably there have been some missteps and a lack of transparency in many aspects of the campaign. But, in comparison to those of Republican nominee and real estate mogul, Donald J. Trump, they are negligible.

With promises of “making America great again,” and speaking for the “silent majority” of the American working class, Mr. Trump has built his platform on bigotry and empty promises with no feasible agenda.

In the beginning of the campaign season, leading Republican figures claimed it would be ill advised to vote against their party and still pledged support for the candidate despite his disparaging comments on Mexicans, intellectually disabled and African Americans. However, a year later his hate speech has proved otherwise with major publications endorsing Secretary Clinton, and many Conservatives voting their conscience, not their party, which Trump seemingly identifies with. Donald Trump has offended nearly every minority group in the United States, in addition to making disparaging statements about foreign nations. His presidency screams danger, and on both sides of the aisle could debunk serious progress made by both Democrats and Republicans.

When voting for Donald Trump, you are affirming that it is okay to objectify women, to generalize an ethnicity, to mock one with a disability. You are condoning violence and stubbornness in order to get your way. You are affirming that this role model will suffice for the upbringing of the next generation. The argument alone that you must vote for him because he is Republican doesn’t stand, and puts a negative brand to the party altogether.

In less than a month, it is up for the United States to decide between an accredited American realist who engages positively in the direction of America, Hillary Clinton, and the impulsive Trump. With a newsreel perpetuating who voters dislike the least, I urge you to look beyond what party you identify with, and commit to your values. Keep America safe. Keep America moving forward. Vote Clinton.

By Julia Steinberg


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