Election ‘16: Student Issues Analyzed

The 2016 Presidential Election is in its waning days. This election cycle has been remarkable for a great many reasons. Many have criticized it as a deeply flawed and tainted year, one filled with personal attack after personal attack, with very little in the way of substantive discussion.

While probably accurate, these concerns ignore one important fact: this election has ignited political interest like no other. It is being held at a nexus of our country’s history, one in which we are asked to collectively decide the attitude and actions with which we will approach the future.

Despite most students lacking the legal right to vote, the past few months have seen an explosion of political dialogue on the campus. Politics has permeated every facet of student life, from debate analysis and discussion in the classroom, to casual chit-chat about the latest news with friends. What is typically confined to specialty club meetings and student opinion columns has become a constant topic.

Many students have already strongly allied themselves with a candidate, but a great deal haven’t, or are perhaps unsure about who really represents their interests. In a year where many complain that political debate has moved too far away from facts, it’s important to not get lost in the rhetoric, and educate yourself regarding the issues that are important to you. In this spirit, I’ve compiled a short reference for issues that have often been cited as key to student interests by my peers, complete with major party candidate positions. In order to be as objective as possible, I have summarized the candidate’s general position through the use of their own quotes.

By Peter Simpson


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