Poll Finds Students Widely in Favor of Clinton

A poll of 400 MHS students, which asked respondents to state who they support for President and where they stand on a handful of major issues, found that the majority of the high school supports Hillary Clinton in her campaign to be the next president of the United States. Continue reading “Poll Finds Students Widely in Favor of Clinton”


Teachers Tangle with Unconventional Election

In the past, presidential elections have always been incorporated into the curriculum of MHS. Come November of each quadrennial, students can find posters for each political party, and red, white and blue decorations adorning the halls. History and English teachers normally devote some time to educating students, a few of whom are eligible to vote, on the issues being debated. However, it has become increasingly difficult for teachers to appropriately discuss the candidates and major topics of this election cycle. Continue reading “Teachers Tangle with Unconventional Election”

Time to Trump the Establishment

America is not what it used to be. Manufacturing jobs are being lost overseas, radical Islamist terrorism is threatening our way of life and violent crime is rising in our cities. To combat these issues, we can’t look to Washington and its corrupt politicians. Instead, we must look to an outsider who has had proven success in business and is ready to use his expertise to help Make America Great Again. We need Donald Trump as our next President. Continue reading “Time to Trump the Establishment”

Parents Impact on Politics

Photo courtesy of mamkschools: Students discuss the current political climate in Mr. Bosch’s class.

We aren’t born into a political party. A child isn’t assigned Republican or Democrat at birth like in some dystopian America. People have opinions, and these opinions are subject to change and evolve as someone grows older and matures. Someone who identifies as a hard core Republican one day could find themselves aligning with Democrats on the next. Continue reading “Parents Impact on Politics”

Make Your Vote Count in 2016

The election is nearing and you despise both major party candidates. Since last year, you have been trying to decide whom to vote for. If you were planning on voting Republican, maybe you backed Marco Rubio, a relatively moderate candidate who has some experience, or Ben Carson, an outsider with experience as a brain surgeon. If voting Democratic, you might have “felt the Bern.” Continue reading “Make Your Vote Count in 2016”

Election ‘16: Student Issues Analyzed

The 2016 Presidential Election is in its waning days. This election cycle has been remarkable for a great many reasons. Many have criticized it as a deeply flawed and tainted year, one filled with personal attack after personal attack, with very little in the way of substantive discussion. Continue reading “Election ‘16: Student Issues Analyzed”

Field Hockey Sectionals

It’s safe to say that Mamaroneck has become the gold standard in Field Hockey around Section 1, if not New York State, during Coach Savage’s tenure.

Since 2004, Mamaroneck field hockey teams have played in 12 straight sectional championships, winning nine of them, and nine regional championships, winning seven of them. They have also played in seven state championship games, winning three (all four losses in state championship games were by one goal.)

However, all of the above information was irrelevant when Mamaroneck and Scarsdale met on September 7. It was apparent in the final score: 4-0, Scarsdale. The Tigers’ season opener marked the first time Mamaroneck had lost to Scarsdale in field hockey since 2003.

“Every person on the field was playing individually,” captain Sophie Miller ’17 recalled from the 4-0 loss. “I remember thinking to myself [during the game] that we won’t be able to succeed and win games if we keep up that style of play.”

The loss impacted the Tigers far beyond just the first game, changing their outlook on the season as a whole. As Brigid Knowles ’19 stated, “[Losing to Scarsdale] was a big wake up call for us and made us realize that we were going to have to fight for every win, no matter the opponent.”

Six weeks later, when the Tigers and Raiders met in the regular season finale, Mamaroneck restored order to the field hockey world with a 3-2 win over its rival. At stake was a league title and the top seed in sectionals. The win, which came on a goal from Molly Banks ’18 after time expired, gave the Tigers a final regular season record of 13-1-2 and dropped Scarsdale to 13-2-1.

In sectionals, the Tigers have dispatched Clarkstown North, 7-2, and Horace Greeley, 1-0, to set up a third meeting with the Raiders in the finals.

To be sure, when the two meet again on Tuesday night at Brewster High School, none of the records will matter. All that will matter is what transpires on the field over the course of 60 minutes.

Perhaps, goalie Charlotte Mackie ’17 put it best, saying, “Honestly, the nerves are definitely there, but I’m really pumped. I know we can do it and I know we want it more.”

By Stephen Rothman