The Globe Reviews “Perfect Strangers” By Deep Purple

Photo courtesy of en.wikipedia: “Album cover for Deep Purple’s 1984 release”

I don’t believe that I was born in the wrong time period because I think that is a very ignorant thing to say. I do wish I could’ve experienced the music. I can’t even explain how envious I am of my parents who attended concerts performed by The Ramones, The Rolling Stones, Motley Crue and many others. I can’t observe the time so I listen to it. I truly believe that the 1960s’ to the 1990s’ was the best era of music, especially rock. I’m not going to criticize the music that is played on Z100 or 92.3 because that music was not made for me and there is definitely nothing inadequate about it. Do I wish they played rock? Yes. I am starting this column for the rock lovers who don’t connect with today’s music media. This column is also for people interested in rock and those who like to learn about different genres of music. I am going to review my favorite albums and encourage readers to listen.

One of my favorite albums is “Perfect Strangers” by Deep Purple. To give you some background information, Deep Purple is a rock band that originated in Hertford, United Kingdom in 1968. The band is thought to have been the trailblazers of heavy metal and modern hard rock. This album was released in October 1984 and was received with great enthusiasm by their massive fan base. It was the most successful and popular album in the second generation lineup, the band even had to add many additional dates to the US arena tour due to the rapid selling out of tickets. They earned more than every artist on tour in 1985, with the exception of Bruce Springsteen.

This album completely reunited Deep Purple with their fans. It is the ultimate comeback after their album “Come Taste the Band”, reminding listeners of the insane magic. This is one of the few comeback albums that was not only successful, but also showed that they had improved and were excited about being reunited. The sound still has the band’s signature raunchy lyrics and pulsing chords, not to mention a beat that will make your very soul vibrate. Ian Gillan’s exceptional voice flows flawlessly with every word. Ritchie Blackmore, guitarist, electrocutes audiences with edgy riffs demonstrating how hard rocking the band is. People usually discount the keyboard when it comes to rock, but no one could rule out Jon Lord. The keyboard driven song “Gypsy’s Kiss” is a true example of his neoclassical genius. My favorite song of the album is the popular “Knockin’ at Your Back Door.” This song unarguably stood out the most on this album. It gives you a heavy spoonful of what Deep Purple represents with the hard soulful lyrics and brilliant contributions from the rest of the band. I recommend listening to “Knockin’ at Your Back Door” first because it draws you in giving the rest of your journey with the album more meaning. “Perfect Strangers” truly is one of the best albums Deep Purple ever released; I highly recommend giving it a listen.

By Mary McMillan


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