Frank Ocean’s Second Masterpiece

Photo courtesy of iTunes

After leaving his fans dying for more music since “channel ORANGE” came out way back in 2012, Frank Ocean has finally made his return with a second album, “Blonde.” This long-awaited album has quickly become an alltime favorite of many. Ocean’s sophomore album as a whole differs in many ways from his first album. Some aspects that were equally prominent in “channel ORANGE” as well as “Blonde” were the various interludes and short transition songs/dialogues. Much like his first album, he has songs that involve only narrative dialogue with a repetitive background track. Along with that, he has plenty of full-length songs, including a nine minute finale, “Futura Free.” On the release date of the album, Ocean also dropped a visual album called “Endless” and a music video for “Nikes,” the opening song of Blonde. The “Nikes” music video was extremely well-received for its aesthetics and Ocean’s breaking of stereotypes. Alongside the release of the album, Ocean set up popup shops in major cities such as New York, LA, and London. This shop called “Boys Don’t Cry” gave away magazines of the same name that circulated around the internet and are now going for hundreds of dollars online. All in all, “Blonde” has been a major hit and absolutely broke the internet on the day of release. If you haven’t listened to it yet, you most definitely should.

By Gigi Ciulla and Sydney Rosen


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