Architectural Historian Gives Talk On the Building of One World Trade Center

Photo courtesy of World Property Journal: “It took 14 years to build One World Trade Center.”

Throughout the year, the Center for Continuing Education, a non-for profit organization that focuses on offering adult enrichment classes, gives Notable Neighbors talks. These talks are given by people in our community, including Oscar-winning director Ang Lee and former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner. The most recent talk, on September 19, was given by local author Judith Dupre.

Judith Dupre is an architectural historian who has written several books including Skyscrapers, a New York Times Bestseller. She spoke about her newest book One World Trade Center, a chronological telling of the fourteen years that it took to build One World Trade Center. She has been the only author allowed by the Port Authority to have full access to the site and the archives, along with the ability to interview the architects and engineers that were involved in this huge undertaking.

The talk, given right after the fifteenth anniversary of the September 11th attacks, wasn’t based on that horrible day and everything that occurred, but how the new World Trade Center remembers the past and signifies a bright future.

As Dupre said in the first few minutes of the talk, “The new buildings (in the World Trade Center) hold the impossible wish, to bring everyone back that we lost on September 11th.” Yet the entire complex remembers the twin towers and the rest of the plaza that was destroyed during the attacks. The tower has two markers, one symbolizing the rooftop of the north tower and another one six feet higher, marking the rooftop of the south tower. Dupre also told how the new tower is made with a core of the strongest possible concrete and surrounded by steel. This core also includes all of the staircases and the elevators. If another attack were to happen, the core wouldn’t collapse as the towers did fifteen years ago.

This book, along with others about the attacks on 9/11 are important to all of us to read and to understand, because most, if not all. students in Mamaroneck High School have no memory of that day. To make it so that we can have any kind of understanding of the horror and tragedy of September eleventh, we have to learn about it first, through the accounts of the people that survived and the stories of the ones who didn’t.

By Effiana Svarre


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